Of beer, cards and the cue.

Together there were 5 souls of us, boys grown up from Ipoh are we we call ourselves, though still keep contact after graduating from the same high school, seldom a time like this did time spent for a return to moments of the good old days, it certainly did, but the boys are more likely to have beers now, rather than ice milo, snooker rather than soccer, card games rather than those of the computers. Tigers were the spirit of the night, the stone age environment made up the atmosphere, were no many peoples in the bar, huge space for us yet no quiet.

First there were Santana, then it turned some funk rock at the middle, some trancey music then after, and bluesy ones before end. We played some chinese poker, I'm not pro of this, but turned out the pros didn't always win, in fact it actually happened the other way round, was lucky enough to always have loads of di, at least 2 for most of the time. First went spade 2 which is the dai di, followed by a full house, second went a heart 2, and flush to win, something like that. They had pools, I just never know how to, hard even to learn adjusting the cue to a proper position *grins*. Of the DJ, I requested some RHCPs and he gave me this one called "Can't Stop", a hit to suit my mood best to the atmosphere. It's no clubbing, it's just place for a relieve over hectic lifestyle we're tired of, and Ipoh still serves best for that.

Had supper right after, realized I left my cam in the bar, just when I wanted to take a shoot. So Alvin drove back to the bar, got it back. Place for supper was ABC restaurant, our all time favourite place to be. Stewed rice, I asked the hawker to separate the rice and stew, rice in plates, and stew a big bowl, and shared, insisted to serve it this way even if some days later we're millionaires.
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