Zombified is what describes best, having not slept in the last thirty something hours, I'm feeling half dead, still thanks to the caffeine this morning, if not I wouldn't have gone to classes. I feel I'm having much to tell, just failing to. Usually when i meet this kind of situation I would walk away from the comp for some minutes, and it usually feels better then after, and I'm starting to think a blog title last, it helps on free flow of inspiration rather than writing the style of some given topic essays.

I went to Low Yat, nothing much about, however when I was on the way walking to the monorail, I saw this remarkable public toilet which cost us tax payers a well amount of four hundred thousand Rm, luxurious? No, it looked like some standard sized cargo container though, some more close shop already, in fact i think nobody has ever pee on it, shop no yet open. It's just a blue colored cube serving decoration purpose, the only thing it has a toilet sign on it, and it costs us a fair amount of $. Wait to rot, it's already there for months, no one operates it, judge the efficiency, sluggish.

And I also finds RapidKL, being the largest bus operator in Klang Valley, to be lousiest in customer service, the bus drivers work as if they are the ones who provide our pay cheques. After a slow 1 hour bus journey to reached Sunway Pyramid, the new wing is still an empty mall with shops not ready to open for business, and smell thick of paints. I'll wait at least another month before my second visit to the new wing anyway.

The current picture in display is a shot taken just now, got the camera angle ready, waited for some time for the train to approach, and snapped, it looks not bad though, don't you think?
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