How lame a comp without internet connection, I need to go out to cafe each time I wanted to blog, I'm not used to typing draft entries as some suggested me to do so, because my blog entries are all written based on current moods and feelings, so each time when I was about to bring a pre-edited entry to publish I'd mostly end up editing a large part or worst, dump the whole and write a new.

Few days back I had a talk with The Girl's dad, As thing I always like to do, to talk to old and experienced folks, peoples of different stages of life teach different things, even a kid in the playground with other small boys eventually makes you wonder how they could mix along so well, you also wonder why the olds could sit at the same old sofa all day long with only newspaper in hand, the middle stage they teaches you to be successful, you follow their footsteps and wouldn't lose track.

He told a story. "A bird injured and fell hard to the ground, half dead, a bull passed by and poo on the bird, the bird got angry, but eventually he couldn't do a thing, and not long after a wolf came by, pulled out the bird from the poo, and there ends the birdie's life." Simple yet meaningful was, the bird got angry of the bull, but eventually the poo kept him warm, and when he thought there's someone who came to save, but ended up being a prey to the wolf, what's bad to us at the current are not always bad as it says, what we think good at the moment aren't always good, either.

It's a world of karma effects, and that's what makes people says life a mirror and it reflects whatever we do. I watched The Protégé, I realized it's not only one which tells how drugs ruin life and one with the same old concept of police working undercover to bring down notorious gangs, instead the concept of karma, he's a drug lord, he never smokes and he don't take drugs, only thing is he sell drugs and he dominated the Hong Kong local heroin market, he has loads of money, only thing he did all this for expensive price, he has kidney failure and diabetes, and wife high blood pressure, and eventually he committed suicide soon after he's arrested.

Gtg, Have a nice day!!
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