Random afternoon updates.

I have to type in a faster pace, but somehow feeling forever stucked with the first sentence, in fact I think if I ever woke up any earlier, time would still allow a DotA game or two, and typing made slower.

Actually I should have typed this a day earlier, but the DNS error in this comp just doesn't allow connection to Blogger.com, a result of too much trashy websites surfed by another housie, most were online betting or chinese music downloads, and it nearly got me slammed the keyboard towards the monitor.

I had a day out with fellow classmates, Cliff & Aili together with The Girl. Most of time we spent were with arcade games..


And what this picture actually tells, I'm not old, at first we thought we're too heavy to ride on the toot-toot car(whatever you call that), thus not moving, and later we found a trotting paddle, I hit on it and finally, it moved.

Recently I like spending midnight hours talking to to author of blog.chewxy.com, he's a very thoughtful person in my eyes and I've set myself to learn economics from him, mind if Chewxy you actually read this. =)

Gotta go, have a nice day!
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