The media player is playing some really odd songs, sounds of some really old chinese singers, or some Jackie Chan ones which I favor much, randomly.

I didn't feel close with the keyboard lately, really not. I didn't have much time to type. Not the mood to bring along the cam to anywhere I go and take some shoots also. Much less time spent reading too, I'm feeling odd.

Went on a night out to Aloha with fellow classmates, again two bottles of Black Label hit up the spirit of the night. Got really drunk at first, puked twice, and got better, finally able to walk, I mean on my own. There were lots of cheers also, "step step high rise". grins*

The above display picture was taken some one week ago at Sunway Pyramid's Jusco. I didn't have a chance to upload the pict that day, since I was out whole day, and night even. And I think it's really normal of me failing to blurb out as much during afternoons compared to the nights. Gotta go, cheers and have a nice day everyone!

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