Guns N' Roses - Better.

Sadly, it's just the name that remains besides Axl Rose, even his voice had changed over the years, this is the firstime I heard something from them after the Appetite' era back in the 80s', it WAS always Axl's high pitch vocal and Slash's r&r solos accompanied by Izzy's rythm guitar riffs, very rock&roll, very 80s', so this is something completely out of range from GNR's oldworks, however of all things considered, I'm still very much mesmerized by its emotion triggering guitar riff and lyrics, though the solo doesn't seems to impress me, Slash would have in a thousand folds did it better.

What says I today.

I'm going through a period of self realization and yet trying to not stray away. Sweet Child O' Mine and a few ciggies always seem to be the best drugs to get high on and I'm just feeling so emotionally aligned with the song.

For sometime I thought Id be hoping for a reunion between Slash and Axl Rose and relive the scene of some classic GnR moments.

Of a random dwelling moment.

I had an unpleasant phonecall over some problems lasted for merely a minute, slammed the phone and got into the taxi which took me home, feeling tired and bluesy I turned on the music player on the phone, lit a cigarette, there goes GnR's Sweet Child O' Mine and later on Metallica's Master Of Puppets and rocked all the way home.

I got out of the cab and replayed Sweet Child O' Mine all the way through the lift until I reached home, took a can of beer from the fridge and there I replayed the song once more and it feels better than doing drugs.

The driver actually told me Ill be the first chinese he met who listens to Met. A sense of relief, I guess a part of me there's still a rocker living within.