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It's just half an hour more to six o'clock morning, when everybody else usually wakes up for their daily pursues, or maybe a start of another boring routine for most peoples, I'm typing in a cafe near my condo, where I usually spend my night gaming, and i don't really need to look at the clock to tell about what time it is, where the cc would usually be crowded with peoples during midnight, and slowly they start leaving when it gets "earlier & earlier", and there are not more than five left now. I wish i can sleep peacefully but sometimes there are things that just tend to bug too much and keeps the mind operating, yea, adversities, we all face it as a part of life.

About the display picture, that happened when I was organizing my junks(before that they really made the house feel really messy) I was stacking up my books which were scattered throughout the whole living room, and this pile of thing were actually what I read in the past few weeks, some are considered boring stuffs for most peoples(of cause I like them if not I wouldn't have bought them at the first place), some are on the fiction's best-seller list.

The Logic Of Life - I was looking for another book which falls into the category of so called "evolutionary economics", and Chewxy recommended this 200+ pages Tim Harford's new work, based on what called the rationality theory, it explains about whatever you think to be irrational acts could be rational at some point, because human beings simply respond to incentives. Overall the book is quite a good one but I would have to agree with Chewxy on the point that the cover illustrator for the book should be laid off immediately.

Asian Godfathers - Basically a detailed account of what shaped the South East Asia economy starting from mid nineteenth century, also recorded clearly how tycoons of the region came into power, and Joe Studwell certainly did tell a story about these peoples which you couldn't have heard elsewhere.

Globalization And Its Discontents: Written by our former SVP and Chief Economist at the World Bank, there he presented a detailed account of how the Iternational Monetary Fund came into work and developed what so called a new type of colonialism and the unfair trade conditions which has been imposed onto the developing countries.

The Kite Runner - I've never found and read such emotional stories since a long time ago, love, honour, guilt, it speaks of redemption, and the world is not just monochromatically black and white, at least there's a grey in between. Conclusion about the book, I picked it up in a want to know more about the Middle East, but what has kept me reading the book is the appealing story in it.

The Curious Incident About The Dog In The Night Time - Funny and remarkably it says of a young fifteen year old boy(the narrator) which he struggles from a form of autism. A four-over-five for me, thumb's up for the story which makes one feel whimsy after reading it, and it can even serve a great purpose as one helluva laughing stock, thumb's down, for the shallow plot and superficious background being described in the book.


Vote for a change.

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The one thing in my pocket, and life since then.

"Click! Lit! Thunk!" it's just how it sounds, and the ever solid feel when u grab hold of one in the palm, yea, a Zippo, most peoples have tons of stories to tell about this little American product. I got a new one today with a solid brass case and officially retiring the other one after 2 years in service, one which was a shiny new toy back then, is now accompanied by aging signs. It grows up with me in my pocket since the day I bought it away from the display window, so yea, time for you to rest, little silver zippy, and let your younger brother serve the coming years with loyal service. =)

End of the Zippo story, been reading loads about personal development, guess I just couldn't obtain them from parents because of my family background, however I'm a person who craves for knowledge, I seek out to know thoroughly about what I do, and I do them my best, I'm constantly learning from books, thanks to those who write, I learn the ways of doing business from Sam Walton, leadership from John C. Maxwell, financial literacy by Robert T Kiyosaki, to Think BIG from Donald J Trump. And lastly lastly, those who writes about the economy, I'm seeking to get The Age Of Turbulence by Alan Greenspan soon, and to those who didn't know about all these authors, simply skip the column. =)

I had quite some weird dreams now days and I'm failing to recall most of them, only thing I remember of, which happens quite often in my dreams is that I cannot hit a punch as hard as I'm in real life. =P

And about the HK star Lydia Shum, she passed away, during my birthday! Sadly my eyes were all over Edison's photo scandal, only days after that I realized, I miss "FEI FEI", the Hong Kong entertainment industry had just lost their mother, and the feeling saddens when Astro broadcast some of her well rated shows.

Anyway, that's life, and I gotta wash the dishes before my housies come back, Have A Nice Day everyone!