Its simple but it really make sense.

Today you have an enemy, you plot a murder, killed that guy.
Tomorrow you make another enemy, you plot a massacre, his whole family.
The day after tomorrow the friends of that two sucker plot a vengeance, lets say you're really that capable, you killed the friends also.
Sooner or later the world hates you. if youre capable, go take them all.

"Applaud me when youre online, someone just keep smiting me like mad in the forum."

Bro, i tried, i really tried, but i got 1 account only, 1 hand. i can only applaud u once at a time only. im not capable of overwhelming the hatecrews.

when you think youre actually that great to take down your haters, which is impossible, why not do it the other way? Go learn how Taichi works.

When one person say youre wrong, you might not be wrong.
When two person say youre wrong, they might be retarded.
When the whole world is against you, they have a point.
And you have a problem.

marking the calendar, i see 30 crosses, time to update.

I think Im gonna talk about how i spent hours during the midnight searching for a new appropriate layout for the blog, but by that time this goes onto publishing they probably got bored of the new layout already, id stop here. consider collecting informations of friends updates to be like building up the eighty-eighth storeys twin tower this has got to be on the bottom ten. if only you get what i mean.

i've lost the muse, and the magic of being able to convey my feelings through words, vanished. as much as good writers still inspire me of how they channel their thoughts with the pen ink, i find the current pain, to gather my mind from many lil pieces of tiny fractions, squeeze out something hit the publish button trying to impress myself, to be extra excruciating.

so lenghty and descriptive entries stop here, atleast for the moment. updates of blog would now be as simple as like the following:

-watched all the major boxoffice hits. transformers, terminator, hp.(remind me, id left out one or two)
-reread band of brothers, the third time.
-stopped reading kennysia.
-marked my first visit to genting after such a long time, i still need to bribe the lastime i went into the casino.
-realized suddenly mirana, fluffy and eveready(their name changes over time) grew alot bigger.
-realized my new lighter, engraved "fucking good cash if found, my name and number"
was actually 3 months back and there are scratches here and there already.
-in love with Cromok's music.
-in love with Dokken's music.
-words that change the world, he said you must learn to love.
-and this is a random saturday night at work.


The photography of reminiscenes.

Mountain top.

Under the sky.
A 6.0mp compact never failed me for years, for sure John you remember these, Aha!

The Z01, "I don't remember days, I remember moments"



Langkawi 06'

Picture 490
Genting 06'

Feb 09'

alot more worth bringing to the list, after some considerations, well, better not.



Excerpt from Stephen E. Ambrose - Band Of Brothers

"The first men step up to the open door. All the men had been ordered to look out at the horizon, not straight down, for obvious psychological reasons. They had also been taught to place their hands on the outer edge of the door, never on the inside ........................... If he tried to steady himself by putting his hands on the inside, twelve men behind couldn't push the fellow out of there, such the power of fear."


I was sixteen, in jusco ipoh, doing what i'd consider my first proper holiday job, sports section, Nike. I had earrings, tons of wrist accesories, spiky hair, white shirt, grey tie and slack pants, always with my tag covered, a perfect costume to explain a victim under the education system.

Work was all fine, I'll sleep in school as usual, only wakes up during recess or period when we're required to attend to the science lab. at times when i woke up only to found myself sleeping alone in the class, when everyone has left for recess. they failed to wake me up, and the usual phrase "another day for you huh?" I nodded, and grinned.

My holiday job extended and became my partime daily thing, after school, bathed and I'll show up at the mall exactly at four, work ends at 10, my day ends at usually after midnight, I'll walk home after Dota.

It lasted for almost the whole year, until one day at work, someone showed up and asked for a vacancy, a very ordinary girl, right after SPM. I permitted and she showed up to work the day right after, and since then never stop impressing me with her punctuality and the personality which makes you think she knows the whole world but is always too humble to express them. it's all inspiring, i was infatuated.

I got her after a month or two. I guess it was because of what she perceived as the street-smart in a sixteen year old, she would listen to me ranting all day like an innocent wild child and yet said something like "i felt like a kid after hearing". i knew i was never up for the standard, i tried. attending school and never fall asleep in class, stop wearing my accessories and tailored a much more ordinary school pants. and she brought me back to church, once again started attending youth fellowship regularly.

She got her results, faired pretty well, quit the job and started applying for uni. and since then we never get to meet up as often. a few months later she invited me to the yearly St.Michael's drama play, theme that year The Mulan, she did all the violin backing. we waved and said hi after the play, and left heading our own way. it ended just likethat. i was pretty depress for quite awhile, not until someone in church said God has a purpose installed for every being who show up in our lives.

part of my growing process owes tribute to this particular person. the lastime we met up was one and a half years back, how fast time passed. and my nickname in dota salutes to her, it has never changed. we're good friends now.

This is a random rant, what constituted the reminiscenes, Christina Aguilera - Reflection.