marking the calendar, i see 30 crosses, time to update.

I think Im gonna talk about how i spent hours during the midnight searching for a new appropriate layout for the blog, but by that time this goes onto publishing they probably got bored of the new layout already, id stop here. consider collecting informations of friends updates to be like building up the eighty-eighth storeys twin tower this has got to be on the bottom ten. if only you get what i mean.

i've lost the muse, and the magic of being able to convey my feelings through words, vanished. as much as good writers still inspire me of how they channel their thoughts with the pen ink, i find the current pain, to gather my mind from many lil pieces of tiny fractions, squeeze out something hit the publish button trying to impress myself, to be extra excruciating.

so lenghty and descriptive entries stop here, atleast for the moment. updates of blog would now be as simple as like the following:

-watched all the major boxoffice hits. transformers, terminator, hp.(remind me, id left out one or two)
-reread band of brothers, the third time.
-stopped reading kennysia.
-marked my first visit to genting after such a long time, i still need to bribe the lastime i went into the casino.
-realized suddenly mirana, fluffy and eveready(their name changes over time) grew alot bigger.
-realized my new lighter, engraved "fucking good cash if found, my name and number"
was actually 3 months back and there are scratches here and there already.
-in love with Cromok's music.
-in love with Dokken's music.
-words that change the world, he said you must learn to love.
-and this is a random saturday night at work.

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