The old man who sell delicious spring roll.

At roadside, he's here since some twenty years ago, and still he is, on the same spot. He creates wonder of some thin pancakes, alongside with pork lards, and hot served steamed jicama. He hasn't a restaurant, I guess he didn't need one, those who dove by would park their cars, and get a taste of the respectful 20 years old spring roll, and indulge in the taste of Ipoh cuisine.

He's at Canning Garden, Ipoh, opposite "Our Mother Of Perpetual Help" church, you're considered lucky if u spot him, he's usually there during weekends, hardly weekdays.

The death of Superman.

The day a superhero dies,
renders immortality vulnerable.

Reflection on recent anti-government protests in Myanmar.

It started immediately after the ruling junta in Myanmar removed fuel subsidies and increasing the price on fuel by as much as 500%. Led by some thirty to a hundred thousand monks and ordinary Burmese, they marches simultaneously in at least twenty five cities in Myanmar, with columns of monks stretching up to 1 kilometer. They too demanded the freedom for Aung San Suu Kyi, the pro democracy activist and the winner of Nobel Peace Prize, held detention at her own home and was currently moved to the notorious Insein prison in Southerm Burma.

The ruling regime however react by arresting and directly opened fire toward protesters, and has attempted to block all websites which carry informations about Myanmar and barred access to web-based emails. However bloggers in Yangon has succeeded in circumventing the censors and coverage of news, including videos and pictures are being posted on the blogs, they were able to capture pictures that even some mainstream news organization wouldn't be able to. But on 28th of Sept it was reported that the government has blocked all Internet access, official explanation was maintenance is being carried out, but it was reported also all Internet cafes have also been closed, however some blogs are still be able to bypass the Internet and are still in constant updates about events happening in Myanmar. Visit here to continue your read about updates of the protest, it's not just a protest to the Burmese, it's genocide instead.

This is a set of pictures that has raised international concerns, captured not just the shooting of a Japanese journalist, but a hundred tiny details that bring about the horror events unfolding in Myanmar as the ruthless military regime fights to crush the pro-democracy demonstrations that threaten its survival. Where is democracy? Still thankfully, due to the flattening of the world, there's nothing you can do, such as Internet control, would prevent the leak of informations, you can shut down news organizations, but bloggers are millions of us, we live in an era which truth of civilization prevails, others vanish.

Pictures in courtesy of Times Online.

Talking cock a.k.a Gong Lan Wah.

"mama insisted that i use a pipe when i cannot shoot properly"
"Oh, but why are you bending your knees when you pee?"

A conversation of me and a friend, both of us were talking about our future in MSN.

Me: "If one day I'm a boss of a major company I'll employ you okay?"

Sam: "I work by mouth or hand?"

Me: "Don't worry la, I won't ask you to park che for me one okay.."

Sam: "Park gugu la, I don't have license."

Me: "..............."

Sam: "You cannot take bus? Why do you need a driver?"

Me: "Please la, imagine if I'm the boss of a real big company, I scared I'll kena kidnap okay, cannot take bus la, cannot cannot."

Sam: "Stupid fool, you buy a bus ma can lor?"


Acoustic Alchemy - Playing For Time.

No singing, as instruments speak path, its plain smooth jazz. I always felt kind of this is the type of music a typical coffee bar in NYC would play, contemporary yet of a classic feel, it's a random instrumental piece minus off sound of vocal, perfectly fits into the night.

Story of a girl.

"Hi, asl?"
Was private message in friendster, was how we came knowing each other. today of years after, I'm still failing to figure out how two persons of different backgrounds came together, it feels of fate, and I appreciate, very much.

I'm a guy of no romance, not with deep pockets, either. I'm just an average joe, an ordinary guy next door who works for a living, but I came to know I worth more than precious to you and I'm not no one, and I'm not having no one either. I remember there were times I came looking for u at your college and waited for you to finish class, there were also times when we went out and I kid to dump you at corner of one street, sometimes ended up too late to catch on the last train and we spent a cold night on the street. And there were times at Genting, in the cable car were only two of us.

And there were times when you cooked, plain good taste of homemade meals, spoke of the heart, but somehow liked teasing you just to see your face turn sour, okay good food and the face smiled once again.

Monokuro Boo



piggie key chains

phone straps


long hair




colorful, not plain

my shoe

Starbucks coffee bar, the one opposite Time Square

KL central


Japanese dictionary,


"Say I love you before you put down the phone"

arcade games,

are the things I remember of you.

Norwegian Recycling - Hey Oh Tonight.

Norwegian Recycling, is how we call him, he's a 23 years old who makes pretty good mash ups, and there it is, a masterpiece mashup mix together of 3 songs, Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow ((Hey Oh)), Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight, Damien Rice - Cannonball. It's amazing how he preserved the guitar riff of Snow ((Hey Oh)) and brought about a new jazzy feeling. Have a nice day!

Midnight grumbles: Of professional wrestling.

The Internet connection is pretty slow, like uncle, and it takes me one to two minutes for a simple web page to be fully loaded. And I had this picture uploaded a few times, it didn't work for the first few times because of the lag, what I did then, I hit my hand to the modem, and it seems better and the picture is now uploaded as you can see.

As a boy, I grew up watching professional wrestling, since primary school, mama knows well wrestling shows to be violence elemental but thankfully she has never said no each time that I bugged her to let me the TV just to see The Rock or Austin on screen. And there has been some years since then, The Rock no longer wears his wrestling boots or his elbow pads he used to throw to the crowds when he performs his signature "People's Elbow" and is now known as Dwayne Johnson rather than The Peoples Champion, and Austin no longer makes regular appearance. I like The Rock, well said the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, I like Jeff Hardy, you know actually a Swanton Bomb is much harder to perform than Choke Slams or an F-U? I respect Booker T, when Sting speak of the fate of WCW wrestlers signing into the WWE, said "We have to start from scratch, we are peons here and we have to work twice as hard to compete with existing big names in this new place" that spoke of the reason why Sting has never actually signed a contract with WWE. Now back to Booker T, he was a 4 time WCW world champion, but being signed to the WWE, his gimmick changed and he no longer hold the fame he once had, and he often being humiliated by the crowds during live events, and he still wrestle, even to this day, he deserves utmost respect as he himself has respected his job at the first place.

It's undeniably true that professional wrestling shows are fake, this had lead to loads of criticisms such as the show to be called "the goofy pseudo-sport" "only kids like wrestling shows". But no one came to know this to be the most profound factor drived the success of wrestling sports entertainment. Not a crowd as large would be willing to watch something without a storyline, it's proven though by the distinctive phenomena being captured between Boxing shows and professional wrestling, just compare the crowds and the heat. And come on, movies are fake too, Superman is fake too, and Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman would die falling from high rise buildings ok? Can do web swing some more?

Think also, wouldn't running a wrestling promotion be much an easier job for wrestling promoters by just calling the guys out for matches? With no story lines involved, cut off the feuds and conflicts between wrestlers, and wouldn't it be much easier for the wrestlers to just go out and fight the hell out of each other? They all have a tough job, not just their role as wrestlers, but being also stunt-men, actors, acrobats, etc. The referees and announcer are being also the match coordinators of how the fixed outcome of the match should be brought about. Mistakes are now allowed in a match simply because they are performing live, in front of thousands of audience, even Jacky Chan gets a cut and retake when he did mistakes in a movie shoot, but not the wrestlers, having the need to learn ways of landing punches so they may look real is simply harder than just laying a stiff blow onto your opponent's face.

In case you did not know, the bloods are indeed real in a wrestling match, they're all real actors and stunt performers who cuts themselves with a small enough razor blade on their foreheads thus create the effect that they bleed after getting a blow by let's say, steel chairs, and they are very well trained to prevent being seen cutting themselves, but sometimes you still sees it. Now think, wouldn't it be much more easier for the wrestler to just lay a blow hard enough onto their opponent's forehead and causes them to bleed?

A show perfectly choreographed, coordinated and well planned, conducted by some world's greatest stunt men, that makes up professional wrestling shows, compare that with the Olympic wrestling, which one to be more interesting and which works a harder job?

Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb. This is entertainment, but the hazards are real.

Wannabe Economist.

I'm Wannabe Economist, a.k.a Samuel Law, the author of this blog, I'm from Malaysia, currently resides at KL. By the time I write this introduction, the blog has already up running for nearly two years, and "Wannabe Economist", the current gimmick, is already my second change of a blog title, the first one being "AndYetICannotThinkOfABlogTitle" and the second one "私のクラブ . My Club . 我的俱樂部". Til this day, this blog has not a theme at all, I write about my interests, usually about the abnormal routines of the current, randomly spiced up with my lousy sense of humor, however inspiration doesn't come always and I'm not always funny.

Talk to me about economics, guitars, rock n' roll, and we can have the conversation go as long as a few nights.

I read the words of Warren Buffett, Anthony Bozza, Stephen Davis, Steven Levitt, Tim Harford, even umm.. Alan Greenspan(haha, that old faggot).

I hear the sound of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Guns N' Roses, Scorpions, Motorhead, Pantera, Megadeth.

I watch the films of Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Adam Sandlers.

-Keep On Writing In The Free World-
Wannabe Economist.

Matchbox 20 - Push (Acoustic Version).

I've always like to dig out some old Mp3 files in the comp and just by doing I found this one, its really the crispy acoustic guitar sound that melts the heart. The original one was released back at around 10 years ago.

She said I don't know if I've ever been good enough
I'm a little bit rusty, and I think my head is caving in
And I don't know if I've ever been really loved
By hand that's touched me, well I feel like something's gonna give
And I'm a little bit angry, well

This ain't over, no not here, not while I still need you around
You don't owe me, we might change
Yeah we just might feel good

I wanna push you around, well I will, well I will
I wanna push you down, well I will, well I will
I wanna take you for granted, I wanna take you for granted, yeah I will, I will

Well I will

She said I don't know why you ever would lie to me
Like I'm a little untrusting when I think that the truth is gonna hurt ya
And I don't know why you couldn't just stay with me
You couldn't stand to be near me
When my face don't seem to want to shine
'cuz It's a little bit dirty well

Don't just stand there, say nice things to me
I've been cheated I've been wronged you,
And you don't know me, I can't change
I won't do anything at all

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow ((Hey Oh))

Come to decide that the things that I tried
were in my life just to get high on.
When I sit alone, come get a little known
but I need more than myself this time.
Step from the road to the sea to the sky,
and I do believe that we rely on
when I lay it on, come get to play it on
all my life to sacrifice.

Hey oh...listen what I say oh
I got your hey oh, now listen what I say oh

The more I see the less I know
The more I like to let it go - hey oh, woah...
People need the cover of another perfect wonder
where it's so white as snow,
finaly divided by a word so undecided
and there's nowhere to go;
Inbetween the cover of another perfect wonder
and it's so white as snow,
running through the field where all my tracks
will be concealed and there's nowhere to go.

[2nd verse]
When will I know that I really can't go
to the well once more - time to decide on.
Well it's kiliing me, when will I really see,
all that I need to look inside.
Come to belive that I better not leave
before I get my chance to ride, well it's killing me,
what do I really need - all that I need to look inside.

[3rd verse]
Went to descend to ammend for a friend of
the channels that had broken down. Now you
bring it up, I'm gonna ring it up - just to hear you sing it out.
Step from the road to the sea to the sky,
and I do belive what we rely on,
when I lay it on, come get to play it on
all my life to sacrifice

Midnight grumbles: The Naked Ambition and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

It's Josie Ho, my own screen capture in a rather humorous rated-3 movie I watched just now, named The Naked Ambition, starring Louis Koo and Eason Chan with some other big names of the Hong Kong film industry, the film details the rise of 2 low rank magazine editors to some huge names behind Hong Kong's local porn industry, had lots of laughter despite off the rather superficial storyline, still the actors they get my credit for the amusement from the gags they brought about, I'm not gonna tell much about the film though, you can get details of the film here.

The hour hand hits 1, perhaps it's to be another long night again with lots of ingenuity flows, few hours back in the afternoon I was still thinking of what the day's blog entry would be about, all ain't hard at night, and I hate night time no more like I do few years ago, the night stalker spirit lives strong in me, only thing negative is that it's bad for health, and I have some rather odd music playing on the current play list, some Matchbox 20's and some Red Hot Chili Peppers, something I seldom pay my ear unless it's in a really peaceful atmosphere, chumming together with a long and silent night. I guess I have a rather odd music taste, on a bright sunny day I'd prefer to have some metals on with heavy guitar riffs and double paddle drumbeats, a total contrary to the night.

And the play list now turns to Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow, it's a rather soft and melodic song, which tells of how hard it is to get rid of your old life and start anew. There's time when I watched the song's MTV over and over, a simple yet meaningful MTV showing of how the fans have turned a group of cocaine addicts from California into one of world's greatest band ever. Frankly, they had my respects a lot more than the fastest guitar shredders do.

However if you feel funny or weird of reading a blog entry starting with some sexy actress's picture and ends with me teling of my personal music tastes, it's ok and it's absolutely normal to have felt that, it shows you're normal, however I'm not, and the world is not, it's a world consists of loads and loads of abnormal routines, and this is just to be some midnight grumbles, nite!

Random Starbuck experience.

It's a usual afternoon with gloomy sky and little rain, having just sneaked out of work, I'm slowly sipping off my cappuccino at a Starbucks coffee bar nearby, it's indeed one of the world's greatest pleasures having time for relaxation, watching off pedestrians by passing the rather busy street in front of Low Yat Plaza, some of them carrying their new gadgets walking out of KL's largest IT mall in a very slow pace, some chit-chatting at tables near me, some with their working suits on and accompanied by their laptops, and I keep wondering how the working class could enjoy their life so well , and somehow I'm feeling they are having some Internet conference on going. I guess Malaysia is more or less influenced by the coffee cultures of those western developed countries, but somehow there's a huge distinctive phenomena between the developing countries like us and the developed western countries, that westerners would enjoy their life to the maximum despite of their job status, from general clerks, to supervisors, to department managers or maybe as CEO, no matter what position they're in they're serving they just get their fair amount of salaries, what I mean fair here is that, really fair wage rates with minimum over exploitation towards employees, so whether the job position is to be low ranking general clerks or managerial board of directors, so in those much developed countries, it's very normal to see peoples from all different backgrounds spending their own sweet time in coffee bars, whereas for a developing country like us, a relaxation at the coffee bar would seem rather luxurious, a simple words, its our luxury comparing theirs as necessity. But however I would say the rising coffee culture to be a good phenomena that we are catching up tailing their steps, despite off a Starbucks that cost nearly a 10times more in price, however, you're paying rm10 for a nice mug of cappuccino or the renowned hot chocolate, in exchange for a priceless time-slow-down shaking off hecticness, it's for you to judge whether it's a worth or no.

I'm having with me my cigarettes, a book written by Tim Harford, The Undercover Economist, and my cup of cappuccino added 4 packs of sugars to get the average-not-too-sweet-or-bitter taste, slowly sipping off the good taste of the coffee and writing this in a draft paper. =)

We all know that it's no merely a few years since coffee bars franchising industry rose to prominence and became a luxurious way of time passing entertainment for fellow Malaysians, it's also clearly that having one in almost every corner of the streets, somebody is making huge money behind all this, and I wonder how they managed to turn our random activity into necessity in no more than a few years.

To sort that out, I walked into the coffee bar, the place where the cash in counter located and had some observations. There I saw some racks, each has an open top container on them , inside were their different types of coffee beans, each type is said to be specially planted, by doing this they're passing us the thought that their coffee beans are special and nowhere else to be found, and most importantly, they're implanting an image into us that the coffee beans are the prime cost behind the whole business, but is that true? or our own conventional thinking tells us, the rent, expensive rents causes them to price their coffees at a slightly higher margin, but is that true also? Tim harford said in his book The Undercover Economist, stating it's not the expensive rents which cause coffee bars to overprice their product, rather, it's the scarcity of the product itself, which coffee bars set them on a high marginal selling price, thus causing the landlords to set the rent higher, this is simply because the landlords are not stupid and they just wanted to grab a fair share of the big pie. And those who worked before in coffee bars would probably know that coffee beans make up such a small proportion of the total cost of the business. So what is the cost that they needed to pass on to consumers like you and me? Think like this, if they simply charge you rm1 for your coffee, you would have thought that the whole coffee bar just don't have enough tables to occupy all their customers, Tim Harford says that, for restaurants business, table space is surely to be a huge business cost to be considered, the longer your customers occupy them the cost will be relatively higher too since it simply prevents the flow of new wave of customers. So it's normal to see that on restaurants menu, desserts are often expensive.

And if they are charging an expensive price on their coffee products, how would they attract the price savvy consumers? You would have think, again they would lower the price to achieve equilibrium since the price savvy consumers are purely price elastic, surely that would be a good idea, but they do not want to lose out their margins also, so from their menu I saw this little business trick that they use. They have a great variety of alternatives come to offer, a regular cup of cappuccino or hot chocolate is priced around rm10, you have the option to have some cream puffs on top of your coffee, that would cost you an extra few dollars, or you prefer adding caramels on top of your hot chocolate, that would cost you extra too, you might have thought that they are simply to offer you more varieties but what they are doing is actually to price target different group of consumers. The lavish ones simply wouldn't mind paying an extra few dollars just to feel special, and mind telling actually it's very true that every product of theirs costs almost the same for them to produce, just only they have set a wide price range, so thrify consumers like me would stick to the regular cup of cappuccino, they preserved their margins, thus they never lose out any consumer groups, how great.

I think it's time again for me to get my ass back to work, have a nice day!

The original Ipoh beansprout chicken.

I've forgotten when was the last time I stumbled across Jln Yau Tat Shin for a taste of the original Ipoh Beansprout Chicken, I've tasted a few ones which I call them merely the imitations of the original, none of them would have a match with the original, even their beansprout would have already been considered tiny compared to the original one, afterall it's still a simple dish, serving a plate of steamed chicken and a plate of beansprout with soya sauce and flavoured oil.

Frankly, it's so true and a shame to admit saying an Ipoh lang like me actually did not get my first taste of the famous dish until I was 19, not that I don't feel like, but somehow just never care to bother although almost everyday I walked passed the place after school.

And for now I would say "Onn Kee", the shop beside the all time renowned "Lou Wong" to be better in quality, visitors from other places might have a better impression on "Lou Wong" but of all the comments from local Ipoh lang, Lou Wongs's food quality has decayed over the years, and even now, overrated, so I'll recommend Onn Kee is to be the best to deliver you your one stop famous Ipoh beansprout chicken, served with their renowned kue teow soup, a taste of heaven brought down to earth, have a nice day!

Download videos directly from YouTube.

Few months ago I was still on a struggle looking for programs to download videos from YouTube, and I came across this site which they offer you downloads from YouTube for FREE, and you didn't need to install any programs, all you need to do is just to copy the video URL( and paste it into the box for the converting, your choice whether the file would be converted to AVI, MOV, 3GP or MP3(audio only). I've tried the other YouTube downloading tools but I'm still finding this one to be the best of all, I've downloaded a couple of videos from that website since then, have a nice day and happy downloading! Comments are appreciated!

It's much easier being female bloggers.

The girl was using internet in the room and I was outside watching TV, the show ended, I went in kept bugging wanting to use internet to do some stuffs..

The girl: "Come come and see this girl, her eye lashes are so pretty, she has no eye bag!"(She was reading over some eye-catchy-blinking-blinky-template female blogs)

I said: "Every picture also same person one, what so special?"

The girl: "Aiyah you don't know one la."

That's why I came to a point that being female bloggers are much easier, they write about their boring daily routines, waking up in the morning, applying make ups getting ready for their classes, and randomly ask their buddies around to take pictures with them, examples "Me with who and who, do these 3 young ladies just look gorgeous?" and post them up onto their blogs, or they randomly tells about their make up brands, offers and discounts in shopping malls, the clothes they bought from shopping that particular day, going party in a night club, etc. Some of them even earns a fair income just by posting up their photos onto their blogs, they get free hand phones, free hairdos, free Ipods, PSPs and so on..

But I also came to a point that, these bimbo blogs, as Kenny Sia calls it, normally attracts a lot of readers, not only the guys, but even the girls, as you see The Girl who is also fan of ClapBangKiss, I love browsing through Dawn Yang's blog also, despite she keep telling same old stories of her going to some random night clubs with this who and that who, but the more pictures she post of herself, the better she attracts me to browse over and over again of her blog, ha ha!

That's why I'd say being female bloggers are much easier, just if you don't believe, imagine a guy posting endless counts of self indulgent pictures all over his blog. it's certainly an easy thing to do right?

Of me hoping to attract a much larger readers circle, this is my attempt..


I have a nice ass too ok!

With Julian Chan, do we look alike?

Do I look cute?

I'm so pretty.

I'm so sexy.

This is my pair of sexy legs.

And my gorgeous house mate.

What do the gays and ice cream vendors have in common?

I'm currently using my housemate's PC to type about this entry, he's a fairly good guy who's willing to share his possessions, that's why I get to at least post about an entry or two in a fair week.

humans all respond to incentives. Some conventional wisdom tells moral to be the greatest incentive of all, for example, my friend who happens to be an ice cream vendor who works for her boss, helping to operate the ice cream stall and collects money when some by pass customers are to buy ice creams, there I asked "eh, your boss never need you to calculate remaining stocks at the end of the day? why not a penny from here and there and you get your fair amount of "shares" from the profits?" There she said, "No way, I work for my boss and he trusted me for the business, I'll never do such a thing, it's a matter of moral value which concerns."

Conventional wisdom discriminates homosexuals, simply ask one of your friends, or colleagues and say "Hey, why would you not be gay or lesbian?" and they yelled at you said you have just suggested something which is against the law of universe. but what is truly the other side of the story is, the conventional society is to put homosexuals into their greatest discrimination so you think that, the gays don't engage in homosexual activities because they're simply at feared of the society, thus, moral incentive is at play. But the society is getting more and more open these days and homosexuals are being more and more acceptable by the world, some countries even permits homosexuals marriage. So at the end you have a question came to ask, moral incentive being lighter and lighter, which means there will be more and more gays in the world?

So, what is there in common between an ice cream vendor and the gays?

Like said, humans all respond to incentives, like the ice cream vendor, I believe the fair trick behind is not gonna be morality, the ice cream vendor simply do not grab a bite on her boss's profit because the moral incentive is still to be more expensive than money incentive, what for exchanging your moral values for an extra 20 or 30 dollars at the end of the day? But you think, what if she gets an extra of maybe, 1000 dollars at the end of the day if she cheats?

Andrew Francis, a graduate student in economics from the University of Chicago, has tried to affix a dollar figure for the total cost of having unprotected sex once with a random gay(during the peak of AIDS crisis), the figure is $1927.35, versus $ less than 1 with a random woman, so as the society going to be more open and open, moral incentive is to be lighter and lighter, but as said the cost of having engaged homosexually would be higher and higher, so as far as you concerned, how much does moral incentive really cost? for the ice cream vendor and the gays? is moral value the working trick behind the sincerity of the ice cream vendor and is moral value the working trick pulling back the gays from engaging in homosexual activities? We cannot guarantee for a sure that the figure for homosexuals would go up by the future just because conventional moral values are breaking down, because this happens, more and more gays are being engaged in homosexual activities between themselves, the fair chance of getting infected with HIV would be higher and higher, thus the cost for homosexuals are rising too(Price up = fall in demand) , in an economist's point of view, there are always an equilibrium point for everything. as said George Soros, "Economic theory is devoted to the study of equilibrium positions. The concept of equilibrium is very useful. It allows us to focus on the final outcome rather than the process that leads up to it."

RM5'000 price tag for love? Is it rather cheap?

A story of A B & C, B happens to be a girl and is the girl friend of A, C happens to be a person who likes B.

Here goes: ( 3 of them were exchanging SMS, note C's broken language.)

C to B: I work with my father earning RM5k per month and I can buy you everything you want, you do not need to work, working is hard.

A to C: Mind you she doesn't need you to buy things for her okay.

C to A: Hello A yes she need I will get what B want you kena challenge d.

A to C: Yea I don't mind taking a scum bag who couldn't even speak proper English, have some self respect boy, its as profound for u to survive. is your 5k a lot? Bring your little money to hell yea when you die.

C to A: you jealous cause u can't get what she want I wonder B like a boy who talk so lame.

A to C: lol, your naive to think that with money you can buy anything you want, your poor 5k is not even enough to buy LV or Prada eh. laughs. slowly wait yea boy, it's gonna be 2 years and counting.

C to A: Come and see me if you can coward we talk face to face I really like B I will do what ever she want.

A to C: okay, drive yourself to Melati now.

C to A: Come to OUG lah if u can lu place i dun wan go.

A to C: lol? why you say things that you wouldn't do? You keep your balls in the fridge? Drive here now If you want. B is here also, come here and I'll have peoples who talk to you, whether you choose the fist or mouth.

C to A: I will see you in Sunway col I LOVE B.

A kept calling C, he never dare to pick up the phone.

(D which is a good friend of A)

A to D: there's one funny fella who says he's earning a little 5k and he seemed he has a lot and wants to tackle my girl friend, lol.

D to A: 5k so little only? you cannot do anything with 5k la, i can spend his one month salary in a day la, what a little boy who saw money for the first time...

Bad MC.xperienceD.

It was a rather hungry 12 midnight at the balcony, there's this Mc Donald's restoran not far within reach and sight range.

So let's have a look at this tempting McD discount coupons flyer.

It's just a seductive 24-hours-a-day offer, hmm?

Large McValue Meal, anyone?

So my plan = A large McValue Meal of BigMac, and a free Cheeseburger, and buy another McFlurry and ANOTHER McFlurry for a 50% discounted price! BRAVO!!! So there i go, presented my coupons.


I found that it's even hard to get my seat, why do college students like coming to McD to do revision?

Imagine a situation when you questioned one of them "Why do you like to come to a fast food restoran to do revision?" And he/she answered "Because I just couldn't concentrate at home." Or because "I need food when I study." So I figured out there's alot alot alot and alot of college students just couldn't concentrate doing revision at home.

And again imagine questioning another college students who does his/her revision at home. "Why'd home?" "Because there's too much temptation when I step out of this door, and I need a quiet environment." It's a total contradiction, mind If you say these are all matter of individual preferences.

Imagine again a situation, a house staying 5 college students, one of them suggested "let's all go out to McD to do revision, all agrees. Personally I would never think going to a fast food restoran to do revision would be the individual preference for each and everyone of them. And one of the 5s again suggested "let's ask also the girls to go along." Which is why I saw most of them came in a large group mixing of girls and boys. =)


Random Update.

The recent picture, retarded? No, smart looking? YES.

I never have a computer in the place I'm staying currently, so failing of this self proclaimed free press reporter.

Of all the topics I've written, I can merely come to say that a simple update entry of me currently would be the hardest of all. I just dont used to tell about my everyday life, maybe it happens I just going through some pure boring daily routines. Or maybe I'm not good at presenting my chronicles, I guess I'd best stick with timeless contents, events and photographs, hah! And I just browsed through the pictures in my camera today, knowing I've not taken pictures with Bee since long..

Btw it's a good lunch out with fellows Cliff, Ai Li and Julian Chan!