Midnight grumbles: The Naked Ambition and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

It's Josie Ho, my own screen capture in a rather humorous rated-3 movie I watched just now, named The Naked Ambition, starring Louis Koo and Eason Chan with some other big names of the Hong Kong film industry, the film details the rise of 2 low rank magazine editors to some huge names behind Hong Kong's local porn industry, had lots of laughter despite off the rather superficial storyline, still the actors they get my credit for the amusement from the gags they brought about, I'm not gonna tell much about the film though, you can get details of the film here.

The hour hand hits 1, perhaps it's to be another long night again with lots of ingenuity flows, few hours back in the afternoon I was still thinking of what the day's blog entry would be about, all ain't hard at night, and I hate night time no more like I do few years ago, the night stalker spirit lives strong in me, only thing negative is that it's bad for health, and I have some rather odd music playing on the current play list, some Matchbox 20's and some Red Hot Chili Peppers, something I seldom pay my ear unless it's in a really peaceful atmosphere, chumming together with a long and silent night. I guess I have a rather odd music taste, on a bright sunny day I'd prefer to have some metals on with heavy guitar riffs and double paddle drumbeats, a total contrary to the night.

And the play list now turns to Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow, it's a rather soft and melodic song, which tells of how hard it is to get rid of your old life and start anew. There's time when I watched the song's MTV over and over, a simple yet meaningful MTV showing of how the fans have turned a group of cocaine addicts from California into one of world's greatest band ever. Frankly, they had my respects a lot more than the fastest guitar shredders do.

However if you feel funny or weird of reading a blog entry starting with some sexy actress's picture and ends with me teling of my personal music tastes, it's ok and it's absolutely normal to have felt that, it shows you're normal, however I'm not, and the world is not, it's a world consists of loads and loads of abnormal routines, and this is just to be some midnight grumbles, nite!
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