Midnight grumbles: Of professional wrestling.

The Internet connection is pretty slow, like uncle, and it takes me one to two minutes for a simple web page to be fully loaded. And I had this picture uploaded a few times, it didn't work for the first few times because of the lag, what I did then, I hit my hand to the modem, and it seems better and the picture is now uploaded as you can see.

As a boy, I grew up watching professional wrestling, since primary school, mama knows well wrestling shows to be violence elemental but thankfully she has never said no each time that I bugged her to let me the TV just to see The Rock or Austin on screen. And there has been some years since then, The Rock no longer wears his wrestling boots or his elbow pads he used to throw to the crowds when he performs his signature "People's Elbow" and is now known as Dwayne Johnson rather than The Peoples Champion, and Austin no longer makes regular appearance. I like The Rock, well said the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, I like Jeff Hardy, you know actually a Swanton Bomb is much harder to perform than Choke Slams or an F-U? I respect Booker T, when Sting speak of the fate of WCW wrestlers signing into the WWE, said "We have to start from scratch, we are peons here and we have to work twice as hard to compete with existing big names in this new place" that spoke of the reason why Sting has never actually signed a contract with WWE. Now back to Booker T, he was a 4 time WCW world champion, but being signed to the WWE, his gimmick changed and he no longer hold the fame he once had, and he often being humiliated by the crowds during live events, and he still wrestle, even to this day, he deserves utmost respect as he himself has respected his job at the first place.

It's undeniably true that professional wrestling shows are fake, this had lead to loads of criticisms such as the show to be called "the goofy pseudo-sport" "only kids like wrestling shows". But no one came to know this to be the most profound factor drived the success of wrestling sports entertainment. Not a crowd as large would be willing to watch something without a storyline, it's proven though by the distinctive phenomena being captured between Boxing shows and professional wrestling, just compare the crowds and the heat. And come on, movies are fake too, Superman is fake too, and Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman would die falling from high rise buildings ok? Can do web swing some more?

Think also, wouldn't running a wrestling promotion be much an easier job for wrestling promoters by just calling the guys out for matches? With no story lines involved, cut off the feuds and conflicts between wrestlers, and wouldn't it be much easier for the wrestlers to just go out and fight the hell out of each other? They all have a tough job, not just their role as wrestlers, but being also stunt-men, actors, acrobats, etc. The referees and announcer are being also the match coordinators of how the fixed outcome of the match should be brought about. Mistakes are now allowed in a match simply because they are performing live, in front of thousands of audience, even Jacky Chan gets a cut and retake when he did mistakes in a movie shoot, but not the wrestlers, having the need to learn ways of landing punches so they may look real is simply harder than just laying a stiff blow onto your opponent's face.

In case you did not know, the bloods are indeed real in a wrestling match, they're all real actors and stunt performers who cuts themselves with a small enough razor blade on their foreheads thus create the effect that they bleed after getting a blow by let's say, steel chairs, and they are very well trained to prevent being seen cutting themselves, but sometimes you still sees it. Now think, wouldn't it be much more easier for the wrestler to just lay a blow hard enough onto their opponent's forehead and causes them to bleed?

A show perfectly choreographed, coordinated and well planned, conducted by some world's greatest stunt men, that makes up professional wrestling shows, compare that with the Olympic wrestling, which one to be more interesting and which works a harder job?

Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb. This is entertainment, but the hazards are real.

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