Something of the last decade.

Woke up with tons of miss calls for a few consecutive mornings, the first day when one of them called and I said "Meet you at school, I'm coming in fifteen mins time", forced myself up the bed, went out the living room, there the seductive sofa did some magic trick and sucked me there, sticked to it, eyes closed, another two hours gone, today too woke up by a few calls from different peoples, and decided to meet them at some cyber cafe behind my apartment, I'm worst in first-person shooters, ended up being as food to the classmates, even a small kid who sit beside, a foreigner, he laughed at me, be lar di hel...

Gu Wak Zhai, the Young & Dangerous series, something of the last century, watched again and again at Ipoh, and I have all their soundtracks now, about ten years back that was how Ekin Cheng shot star dome because of the series and the portrayal as Chan Hou Nam, the Hong Kong local gang leader, back then that was also the time when momma would switch of the TV because of the violent substances, is that kind of conservative thinking, which they think a kid ten years plus of age should play Lego instead, in fact a rather contrary to the thinking, what I observed in the series was how the underground authorities ruled the place before 97 and how they survive after. 刀光剑影(violent) was the thing of the past, ruled Hong Kong for decades, soon after their reunion with mainland China, it was the new authority which came to work, money instead. 社团要低调, 赚钱要高调(Low profile the gangs, high profile in earning money), the boss of Hung Hing said that on his yacht with his cigar in hand, and Chan Hou Nam no longer an Ah Beng with fancy shirts and boot cut jeans, but one who would be on formal suit wherever he goes. Something of why I like the series much, classic and the godfather in its own genre, compared to those undercover-vs-gang-leaders of now.


How lame a comp without internet connection, I need to go out to cafe each time I wanted to blog, I'm not used to typing draft entries as some suggested me to do so, because my blog entries are all written based on current moods and feelings, so each time when I was about to bring a pre-edited entry to publish I'd mostly end up editing a large part or worst, dump the whole and write a new.

Few days back I had a talk with The Girl's dad, As thing I always like to do, to talk to old and experienced folks, peoples of different stages of life teach different things, even a kid in the playground with other small boys eventually makes you wonder how they could mix along so well, you also wonder why the olds could sit at the same old sofa all day long with only newspaper in hand, the middle stage they teaches you to be successful, you follow their footsteps and wouldn't lose track.

He told a story. "A bird injured and fell hard to the ground, half dead, a bull passed by and poo on the bird, the bird got angry, but eventually he couldn't do a thing, and not long after a wolf came by, pulled out the bird from the poo, and there ends the birdie's life." Simple yet meaningful was, the bird got angry of the bull, but eventually the poo kept him warm, and when he thought there's someone who came to save, but ended up being a prey to the wolf, what's bad to us at the current are not always bad as it says, what we think good at the moment aren't always good, either.

It's a world of karma effects, and that's what makes people says life a mirror and it reflects whatever we do. I watched The Protégé, I realized it's not only one which tells how drugs ruin life and one with the same old concept of police working undercover to bring down notorious gangs, instead the concept of karma, he's a drug lord, he never smokes and he don't take drugs, only thing is he sell drugs and he dominated the Hong Kong local heroin market, he has loads of money, only thing he did all this for expensive price, he has kidney failure and diabetes, and wife high blood pressure, and eventually he committed suicide soon after he's arrested.

Gtg, Have a nice day!!
I'm losing touch with keyboards, no longer get to use comps in KL, yet home was cut off from internet, having not paid the streamyx bill for twos months or three. And the cafe I'm currently typing has a slow narrowband-like connection, and I could not sign in to MSN.

Much a hermit this few days at home, Michael Crichton's "Next", from morning til noon, evening til before I sleep, snacks within arm's reach, and indulge in the very interesting moment the fiction has to bring, or randomly turn on to certain chapter on The 4-Hour Workweek.

I talked, to many, mostly about life and choices we made, I have a friend, who understands well all these, straight As from SPM to STPM and eventually got a scholarship from UM and graduated, and teaches maths in TARC, still looking for way out he said, and never want to stay in the school and teaches until white-hair grows. Some says, STUDY hard and get a goodjob with a nice pay.

However, I'd like to do things the other way, I'll go against the crowd, for those who influences you, who tells you what you're doing would not work, eventually nine out of ten didn't or wouldn't taste the fruit of success, I concluded my eye to be more trustable than my ears.

Weekend Snapshot 6.



Plain afternoon blurbs.

At first I thought of making a specially dedicated entry celebrating the blog's 100 posts, and I just got to know out of me realizing it's already a hundred twenty and plus plus. And once again this is of an entry with no display pic, stating we can still blog without camera, but my favor would still be random blurbs accompanied by some not dull but colorfully colorful pictures, so the current entry have none.

Yesterday we have had a nice night out at Somo bar, Mont Kiara. I like the atmosphere very much, japanese cuisines, and bears later with fellow colleagues, and there we talked and I learned about some life's greatest keywords, perseverance, perseverance and perseverance, endurance, endurance and endurance.

Bought a book, hesitated for awhile between Timothy Ferris's The 4-Hour Workweek and Alan Greenspan's The Age Of Turbulence, both I rated 5, but one from two of some greatest books, so then it was budget which came as comparison. My choice at last, the first. There are critics going on online of Tim Ferriss credibility, just like Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad PoorDad, you ask, does Rich Dad or Poor Dad really exists or they're merely fictional, however, is that important or something more profound should be bring into account, the concept?

Went for arcades, met a small little guy accompanied by his father, saw him played KOF. Same machine, same chair, for almost half an hour his hands never left the joy stick and buttons a few, played himself to an undefeated streak for long. So there's something we don't see everyday, and ah bengs with dyed hair and earrings would lose to a kid accompanied by parent.

Gotta go, have a nice day!



The media player is playing some really odd songs, sounds of some really old chinese singers, or some Jackie Chan ones which I favor much, randomly.

I didn't feel close with the keyboard lately, really not. I didn't have much time to type. Not the mood to bring along the cam to anywhere I go and take some shoots also. Much less time spent reading too, I'm feeling odd.

Went on a night out to Aloha with fellow classmates, again two bottles of Black Label hit up the spirit of the night. Got really drunk at first, puked twice, and got better, finally able to walk, I mean on my own. There were lots of cheers also, "step step high rise". grins*

The above display picture was taken some one week ago at Sunway Pyramid's Jusco. I didn't have a chance to upload the pict that day, since I was out whole day, and night even. And I think it's really normal of me failing to blurb out as much during afternoons compared to the nights. Gotta go, cheers and have a nice day everyone!

Random afternoon updates.

I have to type in a faster pace, but somehow feeling forever stucked with the first sentence, in fact I think if I ever woke up any earlier, time would still allow a DotA game or two, and typing made slower.

Actually I should have typed this a day earlier, but the DNS error in this comp just doesn't allow connection to, a result of too much trashy websites surfed by another housie, most were online betting or chinese music downloads, and it nearly got me slammed the keyboard towards the monitor.

I had a day out with fellow classmates, Cliff & Aili together with The Girl. Most of time we spent were with arcade games..


And what this picture actually tells, I'm not old, at first we thought we're too heavy to ride on the toot-toot car(whatever you call that), thus not moving, and later we found a trotting paddle, I hit on it and finally, it moved.

Recently I like spending midnight hours talking to to author of, he's a very thoughtful person in my eyes and I've set myself to learn economics from him, mind if Chewxy you actually read this. =)

Gotta go, have a nice day!

Week 5 - Weekend Snapshot.



I've no idea of what will best describe this photo, it's just a random shot taken some saturday night. It's my 3 year old folk guitar and I get those signs from the national service camp. Have a nice day!

Midnight grumbles: Of abnormal routines.

It's of another session of midnight grumbles, slightly different from the other ones before, this one is of no display photo, and I typed the entry in a cafe. Of half the day I spent in Sunway Pyramid, and ended up stucked in a cafe with the last train gone, even the last shuttle bus, this is critical for poor citizens like me who lies total dependant on public transport.

Housies are back from a 2 weeks long sem-break holidays, this puts an end to the days which one third of the day spend on browsing through other blogs, one third of one third on writing a post, and another one third of one third of one third brewing a nice cup of coffee which helps generate inspirations.

I went on a half day gallivant(p/s Gallivanter I just used your patented word =P) at Sunway Pyramid, the new and old wing, flipped through some pages on Mitch Albom's Tuesdays With Morrie, aimed myself on a Nikon DSLR, and a Fujitsu Lifebook. Had also a lingerie hunt with the girl, and also satisfying malay buka puasa cuisine served as dinner which we bought beside a mosque, and a very good sip of Liz's recommendation, The caramel macchiato at Starbucks.

Watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, need not to tell about the plot, but whenever you think of an Adam Sandler's film, you think of three words, positiveness, sanguinity and optimism, which themed up most of the films he starred in, rendering movie-goers to tears. So this is another one of a sort.

I'm finally at lost of words, and I'm feeling unease of a blog entry without a display photo which usually make up my style of writing. Have a nice day!

Of conventional thinking.

Each time before I hit on the publish button, an auto spell check will be done, usual spelling mistakes, were tons to be found, and then there were corrections, one by one. I've just realized how profound this simple tool is for one who always fail to type properly, however during exams, usually writing papers, spell checks are to be done in plain eye sights and have always eaten up quite an amount of time. And lecturers now are more likely to conduct teachings based on exam questions. I suppose these are examples of a globally failing education system we're having. Strive hard for good grades and serve a good and secure job then after, something like that.

I've wrote about conventional thinking in one of my previous entries, "Everything that can be invented has been invented", it is of this flat world, as Thomas Friedman calls it, that informations are of one click's reach. So what if one day we could bring about all informations we need, following us everywhere we go? And accounting can be done with softwares, despite accounting softwares already existed since quite some years ago. And we could have programmable robots which solves all our daily problems, does all paper works and give us advices based on their predicted outcomes. By then do we still need advisers and secretaries? So if you think accountants would lose out on their jobs, yes, some of them will, but not all, those who realize new opportunities will move on and carry forward. Have a nice day!

What does this tree look like?

Try to turn your head upside down and have a look. =)

Midnight grumbles: Of numbers, Xiaxue and Steven Lim.

Anyone who knows me knows this, I'm bad at numbers, realized the total disadvantages of not having a mathematically set up brain, I've succumbed to chewxy's cipher, seriously I know nothing about binary codes, and a friend who introduced me to this Bursapursuit thingy, which I saw nothing else but a bunch of numbers getting together in red, green and yellow colour.

MIR2 was rather busy at evening, I didn't hooked up in the jam, instead was up at my balcony watching, it's a rather nice view, there were loads of honking also, which doesn't seem to irritate when hearing from quite far a distance. Watched an interview on YouTube after that, both bloggers, being Xiaxue and Steven Lim, gave explainations about the recent feud between the two which heated up the S'pore blogosphere. My comments: click on Steven Lim's link up there and have a look, and the expression on your face is gonna be same as mine after you've seen the site. *grins*. Whether their feuds are of stepping stones of publicity to them, I get good laugh as a spectator siding none. p/s here's the video of the interview, part I and part II. And a dine between the two, hilarious.

I'm running out of words, and my midnight coffee is readily available within arm's reach. Have a nice day everyone!


Zombified is what describes best, having not slept in the last thirty something hours, I'm feeling half dead, still thanks to the caffeine this morning, if not I wouldn't have gone to classes. I feel I'm having much to tell, just failing to. Usually when i meet this kind of situation I would walk away from the comp for some minutes, and it usually feels better then after, and I'm starting to think a blog title last, it helps on free flow of inspiration rather than writing the style of some given topic essays.

I went to Low Yat, nothing much about, however when I was on the way walking to the monorail, I saw this remarkable public toilet which cost us tax payers a well amount of four hundred thousand Rm, luxurious? No, it looked like some standard sized cargo container though, some more close shop already, in fact i think nobody has ever pee on it, shop no yet open. It's just a blue colored cube serving decoration purpose, the only thing it has a toilet sign on it, and it costs us a fair amount of $. Wait to rot, it's already there for months, no one operates it, judge the efficiency, sluggish.

And I also finds RapidKL, being the largest bus operator in Klang Valley, to be lousiest in customer service, the bus drivers work as if they are the ones who provide our pay cheques. After a slow 1 hour bus journey to reached Sunway Pyramid, the new wing is still an empty mall with shops not ready to open for business, and smell thick of paints. I'll wait at least another month before my second visit to the new wing anyway.

The current picture in display is a shot taken just now, got the camera angle ready, waited for some time for the train to approach, and snapped, it looks not bad though, don't you think?

A cup of midnight coffee.

It's over 12, one thing good about Mcd's coffee though, is their unlimited refills, strange enough, coffee wouldn't cause insomnia for me. Had one in the fast food restaurant, refilled and brought one back home.

I like writing blog entries at night, especially when the hour hand went pass 12. But inspirations don't come often, there are times when words wouldn't seem to come, and at times, it is the subject that matters, it's only a cup of coffee huh? I was relaxed at first when I hit McD and that cup of midnight coffee would be my entry for the day, however it's only a cup of coffee, words came were only "This is a cup of coffee from Mcd, and still this is a cup of coffee from Mcd, for it was a cup of coffee from Mcd, so it's nothing else but a cup of coffee from Mcd."

The house isn't quiet, the speaker is playing on Red Hot Chili Peppers again. This time I have the whole album of By The Way downloaded, Dosed, The Zephyr Song, Can't Stop, are of those of my favs, especially at night. I like to play them on the phone at times, it brings about a very 70s radio feel. And my housie are out there watching Barca vs STU, Barca hits 1 - 0 and he's losing half of the stake, situation, intense.

I need to sleep, and I have classes at 10, about 5 hours later, truancy for me is getting more and more expensive. And I think I wrote a good entry about Mcd's coffee though.

Blogger unclothed meme.

This is a crazy meme started by bengbeng and Wannabe Economist.

Basically it is to generate goodwill and foster a closer relationship between bloggers, build traffic and generate links. I was tagged by XXX.

How to do the meme:

Post pics and write a short description of what you were wearing and accessories you had with you at 1200 noon or 12 midnight today or yesterday.

Tag 5 people and go to their blogs and let them know that they have been tagged. Have fun!


This is the shirt I wore today, the girl forced me to =/

My always same pair of shoe.

My hair cosmetics.

And my Santa Barbara wrist watch.

Bum equipment, you know what it is. =P

My boxer, it glows in the dark, ha!

And, the old man and his 4 sons. =P Have a nice day!

I tag: Narrowband, Keeyit, MonkeyWong, Darren, Liz.

Back to KL.

First there were peaceful nights in Ipoh, and then after were lack of it, not a bad thing though, I love doing those things in Ipoh which time in KL doesn't allow me to. There were countless games of DotA, endless talks of nonsense, loads of ha-has, beansprout chicken and coffees, not the ones from Starbucks, but Oldtown kopitiam instead. The whole scenario is like a Hotel California, "you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave". Yea true the heart is still there.

First thing came to mind were the DotA games at Ipoh, I've played the game in a lot of places, with different peoples for a few years, I still finds nothing beats hometown gaming, it's not just a game, it's like a mirror reflecting your attitude instead, those who make good teammates of you are those who understands you the most, trust me, it really is.

Sam came staying in my house for a few days, we talked, mostly nonsense, he has no interest in any future undertakings, said he wouldn't regret as long as he spend days all quiet and calm, and not knowing whether he will still be alive for the next 10 years. "So what if the unlucky you cannot die and live until your 80s?" he kept quiet.

Few months back I met a high school friend, he's now in KL, changed a lot and is no longer the quiet prefect I knew back in the past. During the high school days, I was this anti-hero tough guy, in other words, samseng in school, he was a nerd in fair skin. Well, things had turned the other way round, I met him in the bus, I was holding my book, and he talked, I listened. "I've never go back to Ipoh since I graduated from high school, Ipoh has nothing, nothing means Ipoh is boring, and boredom is killing."

For a moment I think to myself, "How could that be?"

Red Hot Chili Peppes - The Zephyr Song.

It's a single released on RHCP's 8th studio album, By The Way. Heavy Californian feel, I would say guitarist John Frusciante did wonder of this song. They need no to speak, I can sort out Frusciante's work with others, pretty well only by the ear.

Can I get your hand to write on
Just a piece of lead to bite on
What am I to fly my kite on
Do you want to flash your light on
Take a look its on display - for you
Coming down no not today

Did you meet your fortune teller
Get it off with no propellor
Do it up its always stellar
What a way to finally smell her
Pick it up its not to strong - for you
Take a piece and pass it on

Fly away on my zephyr
I feel it more then ever
And in this perfect weather
Well find a place together
Fly on my wing

Riddlin on liberator
Find a way to be a skater
Rev it up to levitator
Super mainly aviator
Take a look its on display - for you
Coming down no not today

n the water where the scent of my emotion
All the world will pass me by
Fly away on my zephyr
Were gonna live forever

Of beer, cards and the cue.

Together there were 5 souls of us, boys grown up from Ipoh are we we call ourselves, though still keep contact after graduating from the same high school, seldom a time like this did time spent for a return to moments of the good old days, it certainly did, but the boys are more likely to have beers now, rather than ice milo, snooker rather than soccer, card games rather than those of the computers. Tigers were the spirit of the night, the stone age environment made up the atmosphere, were no many peoples in the bar, huge space for us yet no quiet.

First there were Santana, then it turned some funk rock at the middle, some trancey music then after, and bluesy ones before end. We played some chinese poker, I'm not pro of this, but turned out the pros didn't always win, in fact it actually happened the other way round, was lucky enough to always have loads of di, at least 2 for most of the time. First went spade 2 which is the dai di, followed by a full house, second went a heart 2, and flush to win, something like that. They had pools, I just never know how to, hard even to learn adjusting the cue to a proper position *grins*. Of the DJ, I requested some RHCPs and he gave me this one called "Can't Stop", a hit to suit my mood best to the atmosphere. It's no clubbing, it's just place for a relieve over hectic lifestyle we're tired of, and Ipoh still serves best for that.

Had supper right after, realized I left my cam in the bar, just when I wanted to take a shoot. So Alvin drove back to the bar, got it back. Place for supper was ABC restaurant, our all time favourite place to be. Stewed rice, I asked the hawker to separate the rice and stew, rice in plates, and stew a big bowl, and shared, insisted to serve it this way even if some days later we're millionaires.