I don't think Karl Marx is a loser.

i suppose the thoughts of an economist to be like an effort equivalent to putting together a jigsaw puzzle of a million pieces, but one thing separates them from the crowd is that they know that humanity is very much just like that million piece of truths that they spend their life searching but will never find, that in the end shape themselves into one large portrait, the history. that is why a good thing about being an economist is they will be fairly judged by the scholars for the thoughts, instead of the presumptions. but the downside is that some of them are being socially criticized as being frigid and immoral *DOTS* i guess, they missed one point, a very defining one, the ultimate economic statement, is that we're talking about how the world works, instead of how the world should work. argh, they're starting to mix up Alan Greenspan with Donald Trump already...



It would be the best day in life, that the owner found the idendity of that very axe that he named "HeLLscreaM". the answer lies not in Yahoo, not even Google, or Ebay, instead it's all the while under that very guitar neck, just that he was all the while too lazy to open up a neck with a locking trem. what prompted the action was all the nights spent infront of the comp, of countless hours on Ibanezregister.com, jemsite.com, ibanezrules.com, resulted in nothing.

So its stamped, rg780, japan. both on the body and the neck, production year 1995, the Fujigen plant, and sold by Crew-slut guitars. and RGs with model numbers x80(680,780etc) means productions for the domestic market, just like x50 stands for models with pickguards and x70 for those without one. I bet currently there isnt one on sale at ebay.

Still, atlast, this is only what i got throughout the whole internet.

its marked down one of the happiest day in life.

Aerosmith - Fly Away From Here

Gotta find a way
Yeah, I can't wait another day
And nothin' gonna change
If we stay around here
Gotta do what it takes
Cause it's all in our hands
We all make mistakes, yeah
But it's never to late to start again
Take another breath
And say another prayer

Then fly away from here
Yeah, I don't care
We'll just fly away from here
Our hopes and dreams are out there somewhere
Won't let time pass us by
We'll just fly

If this life
Isn't hard enough
It ain't no nevermind
You got me by your side
And anytime you want
Yeah, we can catch a train and find a better place
Yeah, cause we won't have nothin' or no one keep gettin' us down
Maybe you and I
Could pack our bags and hit the sky

Then fly away from here
Yeah, I don't care
We'll just fly away from here
Our hopes and dreams are out there somewhere
Won't let time pass us by
We'll just fly

Didn't you see your blue sky now
You could have a better ride now
Open your eyes
Cause no one here can better or stop us
They can try but we won't let them
No way

Maybe you and I
Could pack our bags and say goodbye

Then fly away from here
Honey, I don't care
We'll just fly away from here
Our hope and dreams are out there somewhere
Fly away from here
Yeah, anywhere
Honey, I don't, I don't, I don't yeah

We'll just fly...

Playing For Time.

My playlist clings closely to my emotions, and exquisitely alters them. for the time being im browsing through the playlist, carefully selecting, and narrowed down the genres, no heavy sounds tonight, song playing at the moment, guns n' roses - madagascar. I held the guitar, tried laying down a note for note mimicry, i was consumed.

im on a new medicine, the Nasonex, a type of glucocorticoid steroid, i have no idea what, i got the term from the web. up for the sinus prevention, down for the side effects, the sleep deprivation, the increased and inconsistent heart-beat, the chest pain. the recent wrath-like me is the outcome of just that.

a conversation the other day, a pinprick, the guy was boasting about his college mate, of his different fields of knowledges. I applauded and kept the cynic to myself being him an easily offended guy. by the way, does he know to differentiate between perception and knowledge? even if he does, the view about politics is certainly perception rather than knowledge, and perceptions are all bias. when we take infos in and we consider them knowledges, the outcome is a sad world that being a large part of who we are isnt very individual at all.

watched shinjuku incident, considering a derek yee film ill watch regardless of the star lineups, the title, the plot. i grow up treating them the holy grail of canto films, known for its relevance to life, no bullet dodging fantasies, and they make you understand the unexplored side of mankind, the desolation, the gloomy emotions of profound life experience, its the highest standard of human ingenuity hardly surpassed. back to the show, i love fan bing bing!

regarding the latest entry of this specific blog which the author named it "that green piece of shit" in utterly amused and fucking kiddo like roflmao manner, inconsistent out tempo claps are given to the narrator who wrote the most funny shit i read throughout the night. and mahfuck, i really do start to believe in time dilation already,i need to sleep now already.(the bracket and vulgarity contained in the last paragraph is of failed attempt trying to imitate the original's exquisite writing style)

The Verge.

sinful nature, for a sinful cause, its like a bite on the fruit from the forbidden tree, the garden of eden. for this cause they were bound to live under the curse forever. the aforementioned they, a pair of characters, of dramatist persona, rock solid, the best metaphor, politician. you hear change, but what you see doesn't rhyme with what you hear. they said to never go in the wrong direction again, but they know for sure a mere catalyst symbolized all it needs for the spark, for things to go wrong and later crumble. ficklish, what can you do?

I'm strolling through the crowded bus station, again waiting for another tedious journey back to kl. the question most brilliantly asked but not answered at the moment, where do i find the latest copy of TIME?

The Drafts

Currently on the playlist: Casting Crowns - Voice Of Truth

the following entry is not merely a remark of the whims, rather it's a need to clear off this week's drafts, there are so many things i wanted to write about, but at times i feel my brain fails me, inspirations gone with the wind, and they all ended up in draft. post them all in one shot and they look severely disjointed, this is a rubbish post, and im hitting it just for the sake of publishing, being the latest story here that I've been up for more than 30 hours, and i'm at the verge of crumbling, do not ask me to think of what to write.

1st draft:

to birthday boy, drive slowly la nextime if you're drunk, dont turn the opposite way into a one way street again wei, especially that one at the back of pavillion, we were so lucky you know!

2nd draft:


how to make her look towards the cam? the whispering sound of how mama used to make you piss.

the wonderful day has all the credit onto slowhands for introducing so much of awesome stuffs. Spinal Tap, he said it's a must watch for musicians. and Dev Parade - Bacchikoi, the song with a weird yet cool sounding riff.

3rd draft:

it's somewhere near Zouk, it was horrid, the taxi totaled, victim a tourist, deep open cuts, one from up the eye brow until the cheek, second the forehead, lying on a pool of blood.

so fuck you taxi drivers, you think you all are 3 years old? how long does it take to make you all understand this? there's no fucking veteran on the road, everyone is vulnerable, s.o.b.

4th draft:

i have to quote oscar wilde again, why dont fairy tale love stories happen in real, because they are arts, to reveal art and conceal the author is art's aim. and there's no controlled circumstances in life like in the books, and perfect couple exists only in the eye of an outsider.

last draft:

cwsam88@gmail.com says:
i got myself a pod xt live
very happy wit it .. hahaa
so far
now can record song to backing track . .haha ..
n the tone ... not bad actually .... i thought it would sound too digital .. but ... not bad .. still can tahan

Sam's portrayal. said (7:23 AM):
Sam's portrayal. said (7:24 AM):
i got myself a... snowcap!
i thought i would look ugly with it .. but ... not bad .. still can tahan.

How did April Fool came about.

to all, happy fooling around, and get fooled happily too.

actually after all these years, april fool day is to me slowly becoming yet another tedious number on the calendar, million thanks to swamp of utterly noob pranksters trying to act cool on this specified date, failing miserably. most memorable one, a high school story, when a friend actually broke up with her boy during april first, said she walked in the rain, cried even louder when i asked her to stop the prank because its not funny at all, and that's it she hung up the call.

and now my one last interest about this whole foolish day is that how does such a day came about and became so notable throughout the world, that's the last of it which intrigues. i got this from wikipedia.


The origin of April Fools' Day is obscure, none historic proven, but from conventional public belief it is dated back in 4 century bc, when Emperor Leon IV of the French empire, after a brief period of norminal peace with King Augustus of ancient Italian, seizes the border of Italy, thus breaking the paper agreement after a century of mutual harmony. After four years and three months of continuous bloody and gruesome wars which Leon IV still failing to claim the territory under French's ruling, thus lead to his decision to having drafted the best military strategists of his time, the desired outcome was to coax his opponent into believing their withdrawal from the war, from then on start rearranging another war plan. The Italians, unprepared and vastly outnumbered, flanked by both the calvary and footmen of the French army, led to King Augustus's flee from his castle, causing it to be temporary occupied by the French empire for about three decades. Much later the French started marking this day as remembrance of the historic event, by setting up hoaxes to friends, families, relatives, and enemies, it was initially marked at the first of January, but because of it clashes with the new year, it was then changed to the first of April, since then it was much adapted for many cultures and the day is much celebrated throughout the world."

thanks, the entry is all out of boredom of what i feel about this day. but the thing here is that, do i look as if i bother finding out how april fool came about? Theres some grammatical errors in the passage also if only you noticed, consider that a waste of one minute of your life reading this utterly made up story of mine, ha ha ha.