It would be the best day in life, that the owner found the idendity of that very axe that he named "HeLLscreaM". the answer lies not in Yahoo, not even Google, or Ebay, instead it's all the while under that very guitar neck, just that he was all the while too lazy to open up a neck with a locking trem. what prompted the action was all the nights spent infront of the comp, of countless hours on Ibanezregister.com, jemsite.com, ibanezrules.com, resulted in nothing.

So its stamped, rg780, japan. both on the body and the neck, production year 1995, the Fujigen plant, and sold by Crew-slut guitars. and RGs with model numbers x80(680,780etc) means productions for the domestic market, just like x50 stands for models with pickguards and x70 for those without one. I bet currently there isnt one on sale at ebay.

Still, atlast, this is only what i got throughout the whole internet.

its marked down one of the happiest day in life.
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