The Drafts

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the following entry is not merely a remark of the whims, rather it's a need to clear off this week's drafts, there are so many things i wanted to write about, but at times i feel my brain fails me, inspirations gone with the wind, and they all ended up in draft. post them all in one shot and they look severely disjointed, this is a rubbish post, and im hitting it just for the sake of publishing, being the latest story here that I've been up for more than 30 hours, and i'm at the verge of crumbling, do not ask me to think of what to write.

1st draft:

to birthday boy, drive slowly la nextime if you're drunk, dont turn the opposite way into a one way street again wei, especially that one at the back of pavillion, we were so lucky you know!

2nd draft:


how to make her look towards the cam? the whispering sound of how mama used to make you piss.

the wonderful day has all the credit onto slowhands for introducing so much of awesome stuffs. Spinal Tap, he said it's a must watch for musicians. and Dev Parade - Bacchikoi, the song with a weird yet cool sounding riff.

3rd draft:

it's somewhere near Zouk, it was horrid, the taxi totaled, victim a tourist, deep open cuts, one from up the eye brow until the cheek, second the forehead, lying on a pool of blood.

so fuck you taxi drivers, you think you all are 3 years old? how long does it take to make you all understand this? there's no fucking veteran on the road, everyone is vulnerable, s.o.b.

4th draft:

i have to quote oscar wilde again, why dont fairy tale love stories happen in real, because they are arts, to reveal art and conceal the author is art's aim. and there's no controlled circumstances in life like in the books, and perfect couple exists only in the eye of an outsider.

last draft: says:
i got myself a pod xt live
very happy wit it .. hahaa
so far
now can record song to backing track . .haha ..
n the tone ... not bad actually .... i thought it would sound too digital .. but ... not bad .. still can tahan

Sam's portrayal. said (7:23 AM):
Sam's portrayal. said (7:24 AM):
i got myself a... snowcap!
i thought i would look ugly with it .. but ... not bad .. still can tahan.
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