Random day.

I picked up one cent from the floor, at the crowded KLCC LRT station, which everyone has stepped on it, abandoned it, I know one day it'll turn into something else, it's a promising one cent coin.

On the way back home in the train, I saw this young boy who looked very much alike with me, he looked just as when I was 8 or 9 years of age, short hair, thick eye brow, shiny eyes, small lips, round face.

Last night the girl was having her graduation night, while she do she took some picture of herself and sent me through MMS, this is the one I like very much. =)
I'm so hyper and alive dancing to the song(Inner Circle - Sweat) in my room! you might not know this song, but I guess you remember the rhythmic " A La La La La Long~~" yeah it's that song. =) sometimes I'm just so randomly delighted over this kind of music, sadly everytime when the song finishes playing, some metal pieces came up next and it suddenly annoys me, and I have to open the playlist and, here goes a la la la la long~ again!

Seize The Day.

Do not ask, you cannot know what God will give to me, to you.
Don't play with fortune telling, either.
How much better it is to just deal with whatever comes your way,
whether He allow many more winters or a final one,
now break down the opposing cliff with the force of the sea.
Be wise, drink your wine, trim back spacious hopes to the short term.
Even now, while we talk, jealous time is flying past;
Seize the day, don't put much credit in tomorrow.