Midnight Grumbles.

I'm hoping to finish this entry asap and I don't feel like staying long in this cafe, in other words, the worst one I've ever step foot into. P-A-L-I-A-H-ness. And what to do, the end it's my own choice having decided to stay overnight at relative's place. Firstly, lights out at ten, and it kills off all the midnight inspirations, came down the condo and you imagine a cafe's open air and have no aircond, I'm in it.

I'm feeling tired, physically I mean, but also comes to a state when your head doesn't want and don't allow you to rest. Just how much negative thinking can ruin your day, and how much positive thinking can help, I chose to smile at last in hoping for return of a better tomorrow.

I'm going off, just what I do before that... Talk Cock =P

Muffin: where have you been for the past few months? Why never see you online?

I: I got kidnapped last month..

Muffin: Oh really.. Then how did u escape?!

I: I swim back here one... =.=

Muffin: Poor thing! Did u get raped?

I: Ha ha, no no, cause i beat them with my chinese kung fu!

Muffin: OH! U beat them with your chinese kung fu then swim back here?

Muffin: So geng!

I: Yea sure lar..

Muffin: If u noe chinese kung fu in d 1st place how did u get kidnapped?

I: They tried to chase me with a boat..

I: Oh..They got me when i was sleeping =.=

Muffin: Oh.......So bad la they all, So they didnt do nething to u rite?

I: They wanted to.. But they all succumbed to my chinese kung fu

Muffin: Ha ha! Wat did they wanna do to u laaa..

Muffin: And go africa do wat..Slave? Or..mining? Or..Er.. I also dunno..

I: go there ah? Because they know my kung fu skills are too good, way better than jet li, thts why...

Muffin: but they kidnap u for wat in d 1st place jek!

I: they needed my help =P

Muffin: for wat

I: to kidnap some of the world's richest kids..

Muffin: they kidnap u to kidnap others?!?!

I: ok ok you win! =.=

Life's simple, you make choices and you don't look back.

It's well another 2 weeks off keyboard, I'm begging my friend who's gonna fetch me back from the cafe to stay a lil longer for the blog entry. It's week up and down Ipoh and KL, week staying out late, work work and work.

met quite some peoples, funny, humorous, the work hard play hard type, the work hard play safe type( ya know what i mean =P ), the goodie guys(mostly nerds) and the notorious ones whom they labelled themselves the highway Si Bitt Stars, and one of them actually asked how's Ipoh like? All I said, "uh, peaceful small lil town", "Is it? Small ah? then all the guys in Ipoh happened to know each other?" *sweats*.

And this is something from The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift, "Look at all the peoples down there, they follow the rules, for what?", "What happens if they don't?", "Life's simple, you make choices and you don't look back." Yea that's all to say, abide the law but you may break the rules, especially those of your own.

So yea it's merely an entry serve keeping the blog alive, followed by the famous catch phrase, Have a nice day!