Wannabe Economist.

I'm Wannabe Economist, a.k.a Samuel Law, the author of this blog, I'm from Malaysia, currently resides at KL. By the time I write this introduction, the blog has already up running for nearly two years, and "Wannabe Economist", the current gimmick, is already my second change of a blog title, the first one being "AndYetICannotThinkOfABlogTitle" and the second one "私のクラブ . My Club . 我的俱樂部". Til this day, this blog has not a theme at all, I write about my interests, usually about the abnormal routines of the current, randomly spiced up with my lousy sense of humor, however inspiration doesn't come always and I'm not always funny.

Talk to me about economics, guitars, rock n' roll, and we can have the conversation go as long as a few nights.

I read the words of Warren Buffett, Anthony Bozza, Stephen Davis, Steven Levitt, Tim Harford, even umm.. Alan Greenspan(haha, that old faggot).

I hear the sound of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Guns N' Roses, Scorpions, Motorhead, Pantera, Megadeth.

I watch the films of Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Adam Sandlers.

-Keep On Writing In The Free World-
Wannabe Economist.
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