Reflection on recent anti-government protests in Myanmar.

It started immediately after the ruling junta in Myanmar removed fuel subsidies and increasing the price on fuel by as much as 500%. Led by some thirty to a hundred thousand monks and ordinary Burmese, they marches simultaneously in at least twenty five cities in Myanmar, with columns of monks stretching up to 1 kilometer. They too demanded the freedom for Aung San Suu Kyi, the pro democracy activist and the winner of Nobel Peace Prize, held detention at her own home and was currently moved to the notorious Insein prison in Southerm Burma.

The ruling regime however react by arresting and directly opened fire toward protesters, and has attempted to block all websites which carry informations about Myanmar and barred access to web-based emails. However bloggers in Yangon has succeeded in circumventing the censors and coverage of news, including videos and pictures are being posted on the blogs, they were able to capture pictures that even some mainstream news organization wouldn't be able to. But on 28th of Sept it was reported that the government has blocked all Internet access, official explanation was maintenance is being carried out, but it was reported also all Internet cafes have also been closed, however some blogs are still be able to bypass the Internet and are still in constant updates about events happening in Myanmar. Visit here to continue your read about updates of the protest, it's not just a protest to the Burmese, it's genocide instead.

This is a set of pictures that has raised international concerns, captured not just the shooting of a Japanese journalist, but a hundred tiny details that bring about the horror events unfolding in Myanmar as the ruthless military regime fights to crush the pro-democracy demonstrations that threaten its survival. Where is democracy? Still thankfully, due to the flattening of the world, there's nothing you can do, such as Internet control, would prevent the leak of informations, you can shut down news organizations, but bloggers are millions of us, we live in an era which truth of civilization prevails, others vanish.

Pictures in courtesy of Times Online.

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