Story of a girl.

"Hi, asl?"
Was private message in friendster, was how we came knowing each other. today of years after, I'm still failing to figure out how two persons of different backgrounds came together, it feels of fate, and I appreciate, very much.

I'm a guy of no romance, not with deep pockets, either. I'm just an average joe, an ordinary guy next door who works for a living, but I came to know I worth more than precious to you and I'm not no one, and I'm not having no one either. I remember there were times I came looking for u at your college and waited for you to finish class, there were also times when we went out and I kid to dump you at corner of one street, sometimes ended up too late to catch on the last train and we spent a cold night on the street. And there were times at Genting, in the cable car were only two of us.

And there were times when you cooked, plain good taste of homemade meals, spoke of the heart, but somehow liked teasing you just to see your face turn sour, okay good food and the face smiled once again.

Monokuro Boo



piggie key chains

phone straps


long hair




colorful, not plain

my shoe

Starbucks coffee bar, the one opposite Time Square

KL central


Japanese dictionary,


"Say I love you before you put down the phone"

arcade games,

are the things I remember of you.

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