Talking cock a.k.a Gong Lan Wah.

"mama insisted that i use a pipe when i cannot shoot properly"
"Oh, but why are you bending your knees when you pee?"

A conversation of me and a friend, both of us were talking about our future in MSN.

Me: "If one day I'm a boss of a major company I'll employ you okay?"

Sam: "I work by mouth or hand?"

Me: "Don't worry la, I won't ask you to park che for me one okay.."

Sam: "Park gugu la, I don't have license."

Me: "..............."

Sam: "You cannot take bus? Why do you need a driver?"

Me: "Please la, imagine if I'm the boss of a real big company, I scared I'll kena kidnap okay, cannot take bus la, cannot cannot."

Sam: "Stupid fool, you buy a bus ma can lor?"


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