The original Ipoh beansprout chicken.

I've forgotten when was the last time I stumbled across Jln Yau Tat Shin for a taste of the original Ipoh Beansprout Chicken, I've tasted a few ones which I call them merely the imitations of the original, none of them would have a match with the original, even their beansprout would have already been considered tiny compared to the original one, afterall it's still a simple dish, serving a plate of steamed chicken and a plate of beansprout with soya sauce and flavoured oil.

Frankly, it's so true and a shame to admit saying an Ipoh lang like me actually did not get my first taste of the famous dish until I was 19, not that I don't feel like, but somehow just never care to bother although almost everyday I walked passed the place after school.

And for now I would say "Onn Kee", the shop beside the all time renowned "Lou Wong" to be better in quality, visitors from other places might have a better impression on "Lou Wong" but of all the comments from local Ipoh lang, Lou Wongs's food quality has decayed over the years, and even now, overrated, so I'll recommend Onn Kee is to be the best to deliver you your one stop famous Ipoh beansprout chicken, served with their renowned kue teow soup, a taste of heaven brought down to earth, have a nice day!

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