Merdeka Countdown Event @ Padang Ipoh.

Me and Sze Tat left home at exactly 11 o'clock sharp, both wanted to have a witness on the 50th Merdeka celebration countdown, we went nowhere further but just to Padang Ipoh located opposite the St.Michael school...

11:45p.m. The whole traffic system was a mess, the picture shows the traffic lights were actually in RED, but nobody cares, "you want to countdown, i want to countdown, u want to drive, nobody wants to walk and park a little further", ridiculous, but what I saw most is motorcycles.

Here we are, the main stage of the whole Big Thing.

The side stage and the crowds, My camera just don't allow me to take a proper shot of the crowd, estimated there were 10'000 peoples gathered at the field.

The fireworks, taken by Tat.



Everybody belah right after the fireworks, notice there was this voluntary Indian who stood out to direct traffics, some cars passed by just scolded him, some just followed his instructions, for me this guy here has done a better job than those who yelled" Merdeka" on the stage, there was a lot of police cars patrolling whole of Ipoh that night, NONE park their vehicle to do the job.

Our Parliament.(Watch And You'll See)

The First Ever Old Town Kopitiam.

I can say that the food here tasted better than all their recently opened franchises, the price is slightly more expensive also. Located at Ipoh Old Town faced with Ipoh Padang.

Do You Smell ?

我的歌 就像榴莲一样, 硬硬尖尖, 只是看你敢不敢打开 看看里面的真相, 它可以很臭 也可以很香, 只是看你又怎样的鼻抗.... =)


Mini bus of Ipoh.


A very old pet shop, sells mostly birds.

Pasar Besar Ipoh, and there's a supermarket located upstairs of the market named "Super Kinta", my mama used to bring me there to buy groceries and mostly I ended up crying when she refused to buy me toys. =)

Some very classic building.

What brings the feel of a true kopitiam? I think its the stained wall with cracks beside the coffees.

Yik Foong complex, namely the Low Yat & Sg Wang of Ipoh.

The junction where I used to wait for shuttle buses taking me home after school. =)

Everything that can be invented has been invented.

This is a famous quote by Charles H. Duell, commissioner of the United States Patent and Trademark office, 1899. I suppose during that age planes, telephones, light bulbs were just on track with humble start outs. It's the age when people who lived during that time thought that was the time where humans are going through the biggest technological break through. It's the same that is happening today, in our time, where we have computers, Ipods, digicams, mobile phones, we the people of this generation are very much thinking of the same as those who lived around a hundred years ago.

Recently I've had some surveys with my fellow buddies, to different types of people I've asked different questions, but were merely questions of common sense like "Do you think getting rich today is actually harder than before?", or " Why not continue taking cerntain subjects(example: accounting) when you enter into Universities?" or "Do you think the insurance or direct selling industry still has its way out to acquire more market space?. And I got back answers, mostly negatives. Most of them told me exactly same as said Charles H. Duell, everything that can be invented has been invented, I remember exactly when I asked "Do you think getting rich today is harder than before?" He said, "Can you think of what humans still do not have at this era of technology revolution?", or when I asked about whether to take certain subject or avoid, the answers they were all saying certain subjects are oversupplying the workforce market, when I asked about the insurance or direct selling industry, they told me the market has failed and that kind of busineses are all things-of-a-past.

What I'm trying to say here is that, throughout the entire humans chronology and all the revolutions we once had, it's clearly to say that the human innovative quotient is always rated at infinite, it's just that our eyes cherish things that passed, instead of what's ahead. I read an article about an interview with the co founder of Yahoo! Jerry Yang, the interviewer asked him how he felt to have had a look once again at the very first generation Yahoo! home page that has been brought online during 1994, he just answered "Old, Yahoo! is a constant work in progress. We don't want to look back too much because you can lose sight of the future."

And I remember during a GP session in class, the teacher asked "What you'd do when one day all job professions to be taken over by programmable robots? That's the worst side of technology break through." during that moment we heard this from her the whole class was nearly to freak out, all were thinking about the uncertainties of the future and stuffs.. Months after then, I have a story to tell, The United States Of America, about 150 years ago, agriculture was their main industry, 90% of the workforce contributed to the industry, after all sorts of technological revolutions and breakthroughs, the States today needs only 3% of it's workforce in the agriculture industry to feed the mouths of every single Americans, so you're saying that all farmers had lost their jobs to the cropping machines? Lol.

And from some articles I read, there was this saying that the global education system has failed and the thoughts of studying to supply for the labour market it's the most naive thinking humans could have, it's been passed down generation to generation, parents telling the kids to study and get a good grade so they could work for a decent company when they graduates, instead of teaching them to harness their inner strength to the maximum, by just doing what they want, it's sad to hear when they say they just never want to take accounting as a subject because it's simply oversupplying the labour market, why is there no one to say they will take accounting as a subject just because it teaches the ability to differentiate their assets and liabilities? Or if you're saying IT graduates are oversupplying the labour market, then why still there so many more IT products yet to be invented and brings into market? The education system is teaching us to WORK instead of INNOVATE.

And times when I went to some talks about certain insurance companies, I would usually ask my friend to come along, and there he said, "I have relatives doing this, and he's not doing fine." pub! I'll say maybe this is your greatest opportunity missed out in life and who knows, the insurance industry in your eyes is a thing-of-a-past but their corporate leaders surely wouldn't agree and I see they are constantly introducing more and more products to the market, that says innovative quotient lied deep inside human brains are always rated infinite.

I found some quote somewhere on the Internet, read and judge for yourself, have a nice day. =)

A Boeing engineer, after the first flight of the 247, a twin engine plane that carried ten people.
"There will never be a bigger plane built."

Decca executive, 1962, after turning down the Beatles.
"We don't like their sound. Groups of guitars are on the way out."

Margaret Thatcher, 1974
"It will be years--not in my time--before a woman will become Prime Minister."

Business Week, August 2, 1968
"With over 50 foreign cars already on sale here, the Japanese auto industry isn't likely to carve out a big slice of the US market."

Popular Mechanics, 1949
"Computers may weigh no more than 1.5 tons."

Ken Olson, president of Digital Equipment Corp. 1977
"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home."

Western Union memo, 1876
"This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication."

H.M. Warner, Warner Brothers, 1927.
"Who wants to hear actors talk?"

Hewlett Packard excuse to Steve Jobs, who founded Apple Computers instead.
"We don't need you. You haven't got through college yet."

The free world, no longer free?

I used to call Internet by the name "Free World" , somewhere you can voice out your opinions, express your feelings, and given a fair chance to have your own cyberspace though it's virtual. With YouTube, anyone can be a movie director with just a camera phone, with the rise of blogosphere, anyone could be an author, to the extent that they might take over Nan Yang or Sin Chew as the next great media or propaganda, surely it's a good thing, for most of us the citizens, but for "Some Peoples". It might not be.

The Internet came into dominance of our lives since only a few years ago, the rise of World Wide Web, and later the trend of uploading or publishing our own authored contents to the Internet. what's good is I can see, or at least I can hope, with all these technologies, we're striving towards a more democratic society, where each and everyone's opinion can be heard, unlike the old days, when we were only receivers of information, from the TV, from the press, thus, we were only hearing one side of the story for most of the time, news that were not pleasant to the eye were not seen, that were not pleasant to the ear were not heard, that's why during those days we heard only those like: "Malaysia is striving to become a successful fully developed nation in 2020!", or " Malaysia is doing extremely fine in foreign relations." Ugly stories were forever left untold. So it created a phenomena which everyone seems to had thumbs up for the government and their policies, not a few citizens complaint about anything. Those were the days.

"They" certainly have realized this, a revolution is happening, maybe it's getting harder and harder to put ugly happenings of the country in disguise, for example, thanks to the Free World plat form, I got to know that they have built some useless cheaplak toilets all over the city of KL with each worth RM400'000, more expensive than my house. =) Thanks to the Free World plat form also, I've watched the video of some Menteri Besar showing dirty hand sign in front of everyone with his uniform and name tag on. And some don't-know-what party buying election votes.

This is a photo published on citing an elderly man who was kneeling in front of the state exco of MCA, begging him to get things done.(article here). This photograph would never be published on most of the major press I suppose? However, WE the bloggers stands as a force to tell the world about what is happening, in a civilized society and as a so called democratic nation, every citizens deserves to know what is happening.

However, "they" are not stupid, I've read too much about bloggers being condemned or sued lately, I personally think that it's a process which they're cleaning up the mess telling each and everyone of us(bloggers), "watch you bloggers! mind your words, for you know who is STILL in control."

Lol, free world? Where is our freedom of speech? Where is our fundamental civil rights?