Midnight grumbles.

Long after 2 hours of browsing, I bought this book back home, it's interesting as it says, I think its gonna widen view towards the world after the read. it talks about the globalization process after the collapse of Berlin wall, rise of internet and software giants eg Microsoft, Dell and early internet pioneer Netscape, rise of modern retail supply chain eg Walmart and personal equipments like lap top, mobile phones or Ipod, all these factors are seem to flattened the world, and still, there are some 3 billions people out there in the world, unaffected by the everyday changing pace of the world, and the writer addresses what is needed to extend the flat world beyond it's current borders.

currently chilling onto Daughtry's songs, halfway browsing through "My Pictures" realized I have not taken a photograph for err, quite some times already. And the old ones, some are which, really old ones, they tell stories, really, story of a life, which was really different, from now, there's a process going on, only about 4 years back, I was this small lil teenager whom has lived in this small lil town, I remember times when I actually started gaming, there was this game called Ragnarok, launched 31st August 2003, I've started playing by then, staying up at the place for almost every night, period when I started to neglect about studies. theres one part of life, Id better call it, one life, a life different from now, Ive had many different lives since then. There was this time, form 5, 7teen years old, for some sort of reason, for goodness sick, theres this start of another life, started going back to church, tried to save my self from the coming SPM, and period when I had the greatest experience of peace, it flowed from inner side of the heart, to the mind, the mind interpreted, translates and bring joy, to the peoples around us. That was another life, lasted until the end of my schooling days, I went to NS, another start of a life, another great chapter, well beyond description, half of heaven down at earth, heavenly satisfaction resulted of daily physical hardships, lasted for 3 months, end of another great chapter, went to Genting since then, place where I learn of the how they turned probabilities into the dirty lil secrets of their business, learnt also some rules of work, found out that actually getting employed into a big company isn't a very good thing also, elaboration: Genting, only the casino itself, has well over 10'000 croupiers, 2'000+ supervisors, 200+ assistant managers, 10+ casino shift managers, so it's saying that most croupiers maximum will only get promoted to the post of assistant managers, assuming that they work for the company until they retire, chances to show your talents? no, they already have a perfect system of how the casino works, they don't need your invention, your creativity, they don't need talents, they need bull workers, so, what you get is job security, but is it priced over expensive? So I stayed there for half a year, well, end of another life. So now I'm taking A-levels In Tarc, this is my current life, whatever goes ahead, yea, whatever.

I'm chatting with no0bie sAm^ on MSN, chilling to our life once very happening in Genting, yea, life changes, the good old days.. =)

Brief Update.

There had been alot that happened, I don't know how to tell, I did some random flashbacks, hmm, nothing much happened also, it's still merely normal life routines in repeatance..

Recently I've read a book from a renowned writer, titled "Rich Dad Poor Dad", merely talked about generally the difference between the rich and middle class, which the Rich earns most of the money and the middle class spend their entire life working for their employer, thus trapped in the so called "Rat Race". The book talked about the most peoples are lack of financial education, the writer says, "they learnt nothing about money". My friends circle majority of them come from the art stream, (for some kind of reason I mostly cannot click with scientists, their white lab coat still freaks me out at night and what they do is pretty much disgusting =P.) they study the subjects of economics, business, finance, accounting, the author speaks of those only as scholastic skills and nothing else, and challenged the conservative thinking of studying hard to get a good grade thus getting a good job and get employed into a big company, that's it then you're forever trapped in the "Rat Race" where you work hard, and you rely solely on the monthly pay check to cover expenses, work harder, hoping for a promotion, got it finally and realized again the expenses have again gone up.. So yea, that's it briefly about the book.

V For Vendetta. I've watched twice. Somehow I just like the Guy Fawkes mask and the poetic dialogues of the film, here's part of it. :

"Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition! The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it's my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V."

I'm too lazy to tell about the film, it's something about the future Britain being ruled by a totalitarian regime and there's this guy who named V seeking vengeance plotting a vendetta against the government. The nicest thing of all about the movie, the Guy Fawkes Mask!


音乐这种东西,本应该是放很多有自己个性的东西在里面,就像绑鞋带,每个人都会有自己的方法。但现在的唱片公司都是根据市场在做专辑。香港地方小,歌手又越来越多,唱片公司害怕做跟别人不一样的东西,都想做一些大众一听就能够接受、非常简单的东西。所以大家都觉得现在香港的音乐很闷,听来听去都是一样的。以前张学友、谭咏麟的专辑,能卖60万,香港那时大概有600万人口,可以占到10%。但现在能卖到6万的都很少,现在很多新人的专辑,能够卖到6000张公司就觉得非常不错了。这其实很可悲, 香港音乐越来越需要内地市场。研究内地人口味,翻唱《老鼠爱大米》、《披着羊皮的狼》...

Point Blanc - Ipoh Mali.

Yo, this song’s close to the heart, it’s my hometown baby, representin’Ipoh where you at?

Ipohmali Ipoh Ipohmali I sing it loud and proud that’s who I be
Cos’ small town dreams do come through so stand up and represent where you from too
Uh Ipohmali Ipoh Ipohmali
I sing it loud and proud that’s who I be
Cos’ small town dreams do come through so stand up and represent where you from too boo

Yo I was born and raised in a place where the hottest women come from
Ipoh city that’s where I’ll always belong Don’t get me wrong yo
I’m KL lite now Its just that my roots stay strong
Growin’ up as a Ipoh chink kid representin’ it Ipoh Garden Eastside yo was the hood I was kickin’ it
I grew up poor but I had the riches memories Wooley Food Centre rockin’ arcades religiously And after school me and my crew DFS would be-boy on the sidewalks in front of Fair Park shops And as my story drops I recollect I never had them fancy kicks, fancy clothes all I had was Hip Hop
And peer pressure left me with a scar cos’ when kids were rockin’ Airwalks I was rockin’ Bata Back then I had nothin’ but a dream to be a rap star
Now who would have thought this Ipoh chink would get this far?

Yo I’m a Ipohmali chinaman I represent small town kids havin’ big dreams so understand When I spit this rhyme yo’ I’m spittin’ it right
My flows divine and miraculous givin’ the blind sight, haha
Back in the day circa ‘95 In St. Michaels Church where I prayed for my life to get better
So I can be mah’ family’s provider the answer was to audition for Poetic Ammunition’s replacement rapper I dropped the beatbox blew Yogi B away got the record deal had a choice to make leave for KL or do I stay? Cos’ everybody sayin’ then bein’ a rapper don’t pay From Bingotown to Greentown I was strollin’ contemplatin’ what mah’ life’s future would be holdin’ Everybody I knew was all against it they said 16 yearold Ipoh kid will never make it But I persevered A boy with no fear I had hopes as high as Hotel Excelsior
For years I proved my critics wrong, that’s why I wrote this song to tell the world where I’m from cos’ I’m…….

We Ipohmali baby here to show y’all what we got
Never underestimate yourself cos’ you can make it no matter where you are
It ain’t where you’re from but how you make it to the top
Cos’ we are Ipohmali baby, here to show y’all what we got

To all mah’ peeps all down at JB Throw your hands up if y’all hear me
To all mah cats down at KL city Holla at me if y’all hear me
To all my pheng ew across the sea now Penang khia are y’all still down?
And everybody across the nation you can make it just be patient

Now flash forward to the present mah’ life at this point
Nobody knows mah’ real name they all call me Point
I’m an industry veteran 10 years in the game 3 LPs now that’s evidence
I seen it all the ladies, the groupies, the fancy parties, award ceremonies, glory and all that money (money) But I learned the hard way that fame came with a price
For Point Blanc to be more famous than Ipoh chicken rice

Ipoh, Ipoh, if y’all afraid go call the popo
It’s your boy Point lettin’ you know the hottest chink hollerin’ from Ipoh