Midnight grumbles.

Long after 2 hours of browsing, I bought this book back home, it's interesting as it says, I think its gonna widen view towards the world after the read. it talks about the globalization process after the collapse of Berlin wall, rise of internet and software giants eg Microsoft, Dell and early internet pioneer Netscape, rise of modern retail supply chain eg Walmart and personal equipments like lap top, mobile phones or Ipod, all these factors are seem to flattened the world, and still, there are some 3 billions people out there in the world, unaffected by the everyday changing pace of the world, and the writer addresses what is needed to extend the flat world beyond it's current borders.

currently chilling onto Daughtry's songs, halfway browsing through "My Pictures" realized I have not taken a photograph for err, quite some times already. And the old ones, some are which, really old ones, they tell stories, really, story of a life, which was really different, from now, there's a process going on, only about 4 years back, I was this small lil teenager whom has lived in this small lil town, I remember times when I actually started gaming, there was this game called Ragnarok, launched 31st August 2003, I've started playing by then, staying up at the place for almost every night, period when I started to neglect about studies. theres one part of life, Id better call it, one life, a life different from now, Ive had many different lives since then. There was this time, form 5, 7teen years old, for some sort of reason, for goodness sick, theres this start of another life, started going back to church, tried to save my self from the coming SPM, and period when I had the greatest experience of peace, it flowed from inner side of the heart, to the mind, the mind interpreted, translates and bring joy, to the peoples around us. That was another life, lasted until the end of my schooling days, I went to NS, another start of a life, another great chapter, well beyond description, half of heaven down at earth, heavenly satisfaction resulted of daily physical hardships, lasted for 3 months, end of another great chapter, went to Genting since then, place where I learn of the how they turned probabilities into the dirty lil secrets of their business, learnt also some rules of work, found out that actually getting employed into a big company isn't a very good thing also, elaboration: Genting, only the casino itself, has well over 10'000 croupiers, 2'000+ supervisors, 200+ assistant managers, 10+ casino shift managers, so it's saying that most croupiers maximum will only get promoted to the post of assistant managers, assuming that they work for the company until they retire, chances to show your talents? no, they already have a perfect system of how the casino works, they don't need your invention, your creativity, they don't need talents, they need bull workers, so, what you get is job security, but is it priced over expensive? So I stayed there for half a year, well, end of another life. So now I'm taking A-levels In Tarc, this is my current life, whatever goes ahead, yea, whatever.

I'm chatting with no0bie sAm^ on MSN, chilling to our life once very happening in Genting, yea, life changes, the good old days.. =)
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