Pre NS : Review of the year.

2005 passed extremely fast, I can remember the night of around 365 days ago, the most anticipated night of every year as peoples said so, I was at Y2k doing countdown with friends, and i played my first DOTA game after that, and phew.. It's another night of the year again, and now I'm wondering where will I be doing countdown later =]

the "Most"s and "Fav"s of 2005 :

What I did most : half of my life still spent infront of PC, its just that its no longer CC.

Most cekap thing that had happened : I started going back to church.

The most cekap event of the year: Youth camp.

Fav of the year: Foods, not games anymore.

Interest of the year : guitars

Enough of that, here comes, plans of 2006.

1. Guitar lessons, to sharpen my skills.

2. Save money!

3. Get my driving license(I know I'm lazy)

4. Strive for form6.

5. More selected goods on blog.

Despites all that, I'll be leaving for national service, so I won't be here for the next 2 and a 1/2 months, so here i give you some chiobu photos and some not so chio photo of mine, hope it serves as an entertainment purpose for 2 months.

My Space

I got my self a My Space account, the address is (, ive uploaded a few of my acoustic tracks to the net, woohoo..

Click here to view my page.

And while I was testing my acoustic guitar on mic, I simply strummed a few chords and recorded a track, click here to download.

Dear God

Taken from BRAVING KL

(to be read in one breath)

In the new year to come, please give me the courage to resist the overly addictive lure of physical gratifications afforded by the numerous dim corridors, misty steam rooms, dark mazes and tiny private rooms around town, but blind my vision to the true agenda of guys who roam them; please rescue my tired soul from the constant overly-undiscriminating need to seek attention and affection to prove my worth and justify my existence, and rescue any unsuspecting men whom I have brought grievances and sorrow to in the process; please enlighten me on the true meaning of the illusive word LOVE, but bring me oblivion on hurtful remarks, selfish gestures, and cruel intentions; please help me treasure the beautiful moments and wonderful people that I have been blessed with, but let me leave behind periods of withdrawals, self-doubts and self-denials.


Half Life comic.

(Click on the pictures to view them as has automatically resized them)

Read the whole series at

Youth Camp 2005 - YMCA Penang with the Ywam team.

The 4th day - Before we leave YMCA.



"Panda panda" "Moose Moose" & "Chicken"

Pui Yee and me.

"The Bananas". Some of the team members were missing.

Cool posers, Jared & Kalen.

Boys Of Sam Tet.

A cool picture of other group.

LandLand is so not heavy =]

Posers, shit on my head.

LOL I dont mind posting ugly pictures of my self.

Kalen on my back.


The happening bus.

Bus leader a.k.a Shawn Teh, LOL.

Made In Malaysia.

As I browsed through KAOS forum, I found a video which is very interesting, it was about a test drive, and one of the cars on the track was the Perodua kenari, guarentee you'll get dissapointed by our so called(or self called?) advance technology industry after watching the video, sigh Proton & Perodua, like this how to fight?

Aeon Flux : 2405, a Chio Bu dominated generation.

Okay first, f**k the fever, I fell sick, and yesterday was so terrible I couldn't even walk properly, yea "I saw stars". It was not so horrible at first, the whole thing got worst after I walked out of the cinema, and yea back to the topic, I watched this movie called Aeon Flux. The whole movie was about this tough lady, fighting all the bad guys, and they are so weak in the sense of mentality, physical, non-agile compared to females, they are only some pathetic creatures sitting in science labs doing experiments, okay girls, after all, after you get bullied by your boy friends, you can watch Charlize Theron own some stupid bad guys and get back some fun, hahaha! Oh yeah 1 thing good, the title suits the movie superbly well, the word "Aeon" was defined as an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time, and this movie drives the meaning home. And one thing you would learn after 400 years of bad action movies is, if a women comes to you dressed in a tight jumpsuit, duck!

Ryu And Chunli (Salsa Version)

I found another cool video on Google Video. And the title says it all, it's Salsa dance. Click here to watch the video.

Canon in D guitar version (Not Yngwie J Malmsteen)

Not surprised if you see Yngwie Malmsteen turning some classical pieces into some new rock piece with his guitar, and here's another great guitar version of Canon In D by some cool Japanese guitar player.

Click here to watch the video.

Smell My Hair Zhng.

My new Ah Beng hair =]




1. The police say "you are under arrest"
2. The police handcuff you
3. You are prevented from leaving a room, a site etc by the police.

2. WHAT IF YOU ARE STOPPED BY THE POLICE (while walking away, driving home etc.)

1. You may be questioned. ONLY give your particulars i.e. name, IC number, address. You may also be asked to show your IC.
2. You don't have to answer any other questions.
3. Always ask for the police's identification. Always take down their name andID number.
4. Take down the number of the patrol car.


1. Ask the police "Am I under arrest?"
2. If he/she says "yes", do not answer any more questions. It is your right to only answer questions in court.
3. If he/she says "no", you may leave anytime.


1. Alert the people near you.
2. If you have a handphone, call your friend, family or lawyer. If you are arrested in the areas between Jalan TAR and Dataran Merdeka, you will most likely be taken to Dang Wangi (Stadium) police station and Campbell police station. Ask your friend, family or lawyer to go first to Dang Wangi police station to verify your arrest and whereabouts.
3. Note down the time you were arrested.


1. Why you are arrested.


1. The police can only keep you in the lockup for 24 hours, regardless whether it's a public holidary or the weekend. This is your CONSTITUTIONAL rights. After the 24-hour period expires, the police must bring you before a magistrate for remand (a stay in the police lockup to "assist" their investigation). Otherwise you will be released either on police bail (jamin mulut) or charged in court. Once charges, you need a bailer and money unless it's an unbaileable charge.
2. You can't bring anything into the lockup except for the clothes you have on. When the police take your things away, you must sign for it. If you have money or bank/credit cards, make sure you count your money and make the police write down how much you had on, and which bank/credit cards you have.
3. You may be asked to give a 113 statement (cautioned statement). The police officer taking your statement must read you your rights.


1. Be careful when answering verbal questions put by the police. It may be in a form of friendly questions about the weather, your family etc. to relax you. Think twice before answering them as it can be used against you in court. Remember, the police's work is to make sure they have enough evidence to charge you, not to have friendly conversation.
2. If the police asks you to give a 113 statement, you must give your particulars eg. your name, IC etc. And find out the name of the officer. Any other questions, we STRONGLY advise you not to answer until your day in court, and together with your lawyer. It is your right! Whatever you may say, can be used against you or your friends. You can answer all other questions like this way:
Q: Were you at Dataran in the afternoon?
A: I will only answer all questions in court.
Q: How did you get to Dataran this afternoon?
A: I will only answer all questions in court.
Q: Did your mother prepare lunch for you before you left?
A: I will only answer all questions in court.
3. If the police officer taking your statement threatens you verbally or behave in a threatening manner, you must stop giving your statement immediately. Stay calm and tell him/her "I cannot continue with my statement because you are threatening my safety. I want this to be noted in my statement." If he/she doesn't do type your objection, wait until the end of your statement. But if he/she continues to threaten you, leave the room and alert the other officers and ask for their 'protection'.
4. When you finish answering all questions, the police officer will allow you to read your statement. He/she will ask you if you have anything to add, change, delete. This is when you correct any mistakes on the statement or add any other comments. E.g. If you have been threatened during questioning or assaulted during your arrest etc. this is another opportunity for you to say it. The police officer must type all that out. You will be asked to sign your statement. Go through it thoroughly and sign your name as close to the ending paragraph as possible, so that no one can tamper with it.


1. If you don't have a lawyer, you must insist legal representation. The Legal Aid Centre has lawyers stationed at courts for this purpose.
2. Tell the magistrate if you have any grievances e.g. if you were beaten up, threatened; if you are feeling ill, need medication etc.


1. Again, you mut insist on legal representation.
2. Make sure you have someone to bail you out. If you have not been able to contact your family or friends, ask permission from the magistrate to assist you in contacting your family. Otherwise you can ask your lawyer. Your family will have to bring money to bail you out, which must be in the form of an account opened in a bank closest to the courts. Ask your lawyer or your magistrate where this bank is. No other form of payment (cash, cheque etc.) is accepted by the courts.


1. After you are freed on bail, make sure you go to a government clinic or hospital to have a medical checkup. Make sure you know the name of the doctor and the reference number to your medical report as you can use this later in court.
2. If you are still in remand, make sure you tell the magistrate that you need to go to the hospital or clinic.

Dark Side of MMOPRGs

Online games addiction is a problem faced by many countries with highspeed broadband network...

Read the full column from here.


"The 43-year old found himself in the midst of about 80 to 100 people, mostly male teenagers, who all had glazed looks on their faces and seemed entranced by the hypnotic glow of computer screens. Raymond combed through rows and rows of computers, finally sighting a familiar figure seated at one of the terminals. She looked up and saw him just before he reached her and for a split second, she sat there with a look of shock, followed by recognition as she registered his stern glare. Ten minutes later, she was escorted out of the cybercafe and into his car. The same scene happened more than 20 times.

In August, a man in South Korea reportedly collapsed and died after playing an online game non-stop for 50 hours in a cybercafe. Another man in China took just 20 hours of playing non-stop for him to collapse and die, also at a cybercafe. Also in China recently, a couple have sued Blizzard Entertainment, maker of the highly successful game WOW, over the death of their son. They claimed that their 13-year old son leaped off the 24th floor of a high-rise building in an attempt to re-enact a scene from the game."

What I says:

Okay la, no offence to the small lil gurl, but its rather stupid to sit inside the cafe just for the sake of playing online games, and for the one in China, who jumped from the building, its even more stupid, as you see, smart gamers like me, Blue439, AnNeS, LoverGirL or Jtan, they don't play their online games with their hands, bot saje la! what for wasting time and money sitting infront of the pc? Bot or without bot, you get the same kind of fun when u have guildwars, too.

Pirated stuffs so cekap, the "real" thing how to fight?

If I am to describe Pirated stuffs, and original stuffs, with just 2 words, I'd say the first one is "Fast & Cheap" and the second one "Slow & Expensive" Not to mention pirated VCDs or DVDs, even apparels, sneakers, you can get all the "latest edition" in Petaling street a.k.a Chee Cheong Kai, when you see those funny shoe models labelled with a Swoosh sign or 3 stripes logo, don't be surprised cause you never see those in any Nike or Adidas shops before, they might be the latest models, just blame our local distributors of those old stuffs u see in those well decorated Nike or Adidas shops =] somemore those pirated stuffs are so well crafted even you cannot recognize them as "the fake thing" and the price is whole lot cheaper, woah cekap, sigh... "the original thing", like this how to fight?

"Young outside old inside"

"Young outside young inside"

DEAR AH BENG : I think my neighbour's a terrorist

Dear Ah Beng,

I think, hor, my next door neighbour may be a terrorist.

He wears a big pampers on his head and some more, his beard long-long one.

I keep trying to spy on him, try to eavesdrop on his conversations by putting a glass against my wall, intercept his mail, but so far got nothing. Still, I am convinced that his beard must mean he is up to no good. Because, hor, when you watch TV or go cinema see show that time, the bad person always got beard.

What should I do? I very scared wait my MRT kena bomb. Worse, this may make my neighbourhood property price drop.

What should I do? I very scared, leh.

Chao Kay Poh

Dear Kay Poh,

Eh, not say I say what, hor, but you cannot anyhow stereotype people, okay!

Just because a person has a beard and a turban does not mean he is a terrorist! He could be a jaga, or a hockey player or chapatti cook!

Eh, you foreign talent or what? Cannot tell the difference between a bhai and a bomber!

We cannot anyhow discriminate peepur, you know!

I also empathise greatly with my Muslim friends. They all si beh cham, one. So many Singaporeans think they are Muslim only means they are terrorist. Again, I say: how can stereotype them like that? They could also be chauffeur, dispatch clerk or satay seller, mah!

Remember, we Chinese peepur also face stereotype and discrimination. Peepur think we wear singlet, got spiky dyed hair, wear slipper, squat in shopping centre and swear in Hokkien only means we must be Ah Beng! How can anyhow say we Ah Beng? We could also be Samseng, Pai Kiah, or Orh Sia Huay one, mah!

But having said all that, I think so that as citizens, we must also be on the lookout for potential terrorists. But must lookout for the right kind of signs, mah! Beard alone is not a confirmed sign.

So what are proper signs? For exampur, if he use a video camera a lot.

But must use your brain a bit, lah! Just because he use video camera doesn't mean he's a terrorist. Must see what he shoot, mah!

If he is videoing MRT station, nearby army camp or maybe community centre, then I think so you should immeelly call the police.

But if he only use the video to tape peepur having sex, or to shoot secret chao kng panty shots, then he is not a terrorist. He is a pervert. In which case, you should NOT call the police.

Instead, you should let my kakis at the Chap Sar Tiam Secret Society know, so we can go and copy his tapes and make dirty VCDs to sell at bus interchange. Of course, you will get a bit of commission, lah.


Ah Beng.

Taken from

The great 11 strings bassist.

Ever seen before a string instrument that looks like this? It's a 11- strings bass. And this guy here, named Jean Baudin, plays it superbly well.

From My

"As on of the earliest pioneers of the 9-string bass, Nuclear Rabbit's Jean Baudin has been taking the instrument to an entirely new level since 1999.

Jean is known throughout the world for his work with Nuclear Rabbit and Element of Surprise. Jean's style mixes intense tapping, slapping and fingerstyle. Primarily self-taught, Jean has studied privately with guitarists Marty Friedman and Jason Becker as well as bassist Wally Voss. Over the years, Jean's bands have shared the stage with groups such as: System of a Down, Papa Roach, Alien Ant Farm, Deftones, P.O.D., Linkin Park, A.F.I., Green Day, Mindless Self Indulgence and Bad Brains. Jean is currently working on a Solo CD that will feature solo pieces and multi-layered tracks on both the 9 and 11-string."

There's a few tracks which i personally liked much, like Vanishing and Frosty Acres, check them out at

Star Hill? KLCC? Avenue K? No fight!

Don't know since when, Kuala Lumpur has been an icon of south east asia, an urban cultural center, KLCC la, Star Hill la, along with Orchard Road, Central Area of S'pore, they "were" the shopping hubs of southeast asia, home of Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Apple...etc etc. Nice la, very nice, but for my own experience, our so called icon of KL Star Hill, The Time Square, ill see theres a few CD shops, ladies shoe shop, hmm, nothing seems to be interesting, I'll prefer Sungai Wang, but however, the atmosphere sucks big time, KLCC will be okay la, great atmosphere, but I often tell to my friends " When you buy those foreign magazines ah, like those japanese or hong kong magainzes, u buy those old old one la, those 2 or 3 years back one, can save money, somemore can ngam ngam suitable to our fashion here what!, here very slow one la, you buy those new magazines, useless one, here also dont have, you can only dream, or wait."Malaysia la, it's still Malaysia, i remember few years back, i brought a Hong Kong sneakers magazine to school and told my friend there's a Nike shoe which is very nice and the colour's attractive, and he said the shoe looks nerdy, and few years after that, and he got one and he wears it quite often. Great atmosphere so what ? Mid Valley is the largest mall in south east asia and so what... sigh, somemore wanna think of international standard wor... Okay la now you see the picture up there, Siam Paragon, a large shopping mall just opened during 9 Dec, in Bangkok, It's really huge and amazing, I wasnt there, haha but the photos i got from some webby just surprised me, there are so many luxury brands which cannot be found in Malaysia, with fantastic huge bookstores and music stores, huge new California WOW fitness center, huge new gourmet grocery store, electronic and high tech stores, lots of restaurants and Cafes, gigantic Oceanarium, huge bowling center, IMAX and movies, even an opera house and event hall, the new Siam Paragon fitting into the newly enlivened and improved Rajadamri Shopping and Entertainment zone will (in my opinion) compete VERY favorably with Singapore, HK, Taipei, not to mention KL~~ anymore la..Sigh Star Hill, walk ways and pedestrian bridge also not enough, like this how to fight??


Somewhere in the Arab Emirates...

Beautiful skyline.

Tallest hotel in the world, Burj al-Arab.

Cekap artificial islands.

Burj-Dubai, a 800 m tall skyscraper(compared to Petronas Twin Tower's height of 452m), currently under construction.

The Abras, a kind of water taxi at Dubai.

Dubai Marina, an urban centre on the water.

Dubailand, an entertainment complex which is twice the size of the current largest, Disneyland in California. Estimated to be completed in the next 5 years.