Pirated stuffs so cekap, the "real" thing how to fight?

If I am to describe Pirated stuffs, and original stuffs, with just 2 words, I'd say the first one is "Fast & Cheap" and the second one "Slow & Expensive" Not to mention pirated VCDs or DVDs, even apparels, sneakers, you can get all the "latest edition" in Petaling street a.k.a Chee Cheong Kai, when you see those funny shoe models labelled with a Swoosh sign or 3 stripes logo, don't be surprised cause you never see those in any Nike or Adidas shops before, they might be the latest models, just blame our local distributors of those old stuffs u see in those well decorated Nike or Adidas shops =] somemore those pirated stuffs are so well crafted even you cannot recognize them as "the fake thing" and the price is whole lot cheaper, woah cekap, sigh... "the original thing", like this how to fight?

"Young outside old inside"

"Young outside young inside"
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