Aeon Flux : 2405, a Chio Bu dominated generation.

Okay first, f**k the fever, I fell sick, and yesterday was so terrible I couldn't even walk properly, yea "I saw stars". It was not so horrible at first, the whole thing got worst after I walked out of the cinema, and yea back to the topic, I watched this movie called Aeon Flux. The whole movie was about this tough lady, fighting all the bad guys, and they are so weak in the sense of mentality, physical, non-agile compared to females, they are only some pathetic creatures sitting in science labs doing experiments, okay girls, after all, after you get bullied by your boy friends, you can watch Charlize Theron own some stupid bad guys and get back some fun, hahaha! Oh yeah 1 thing good, the title suits the movie superbly well, the word "Aeon" was defined as an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time, and this movie drives the meaning home. And one thing you would learn after 400 years of bad action movies is, if a women comes to you dressed in a tight jumpsuit, duck!
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