Dark Side of MMOPRGs

Online games addiction is a problem faced by many countries with highspeed broadband network...

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"The 43-year old found himself in the midst of about 80 to 100 people, mostly male teenagers, who all had glazed looks on their faces and seemed entranced by the hypnotic glow of computer screens. Raymond combed through rows and rows of computers, finally sighting a familiar figure seated at one of the terminals. She looked up and saw him just before he reached her and for a split second, she sat there with a look of shock, followed by recognition as she registered his stern glare. Ten minutes later, she was escorted out of the cybercafe and into his car. The same scene happened more than 20 times.

In August, a man in South Korea reportedly collapsed and died after playing an online game non-stop for 50 hours in a cybercafe. Another man in China took just 20 hours of playing non-stop for him to collapse and die, also at a cybercafe. Also in China recently, a couple have sued Blizzard Entertainment, maker of the highly successful game WOW, over the death of their son. They claimed that their 13-year old son leaped off the 24th floor of a high-rise building in an attempt to re-enact a scene from the game."

What I says:

Okay la, no offence to the small lil gurl, but its rather stupid to sit inside the cafe just for the sake of playing online games, and for the one in China, who jumped from the building, its even more stupid, as you see, smart gamers like me, Blue439, AnNeS, LoverGirL or Jtan, they don't play their online games with their hands, bot saje la! what for wasting time and money sitting infront of the pc? Bot or without bot, you get the same kind of fun when u have guildwars, too.
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