Pre NS : Review of the year.

2005 passed extremely fast, I can remember the night of around 365 days ago, the most anticipated night of every year as peoples said so, I was at Y2k doing countdown with friends, and i played my first DOTA game after that, and phew.. It's another night of the year again, and now I'm wondering where will I be doing countdown later =]

the "Most"s and "Fav"s of 2005 :

What I did most : half of my life still spent infront of PC, its just that its no longer CC.

Most cekap thing that had happened : I started going back to church.

The most cekap event of the year: Youth camp.

Fav of the year: Foods, not games anymore.

Interest of the year : guitars

Enough of that, here comes, plans of 2006.

1. Guitar lessons, to sharpen my skills.

2. Save money!

3. Get my driving license(I know I'm lazy)

4. Strive for form6.

5. More selected goods on blog.

Despites all that, I'll be leaving for national service, so I won't be here for the next 2 and a 1/2 months, so here i give you some chiobu photos and some not so chio photo of mine, hope it serves as an entertainment purpose for 2 months.

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