The lamest way to bring a draft written entry into publish.

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This is something out of insomnia and the frust of midnight boredom.

There's always this trusted small drawer in the wardrobe, serves with full loyalty, silently keeping an account which tells of the growing process of a small town kid to a downtown average joe, take it a dumping bin for memorable junks, from place to place, i bring back those "junks" and dump them all into this small drawer eating up only a small space in the wardrobe, it could be an already empty no ink marker pen I brought back from NS once served great graffiti purpose, the torch I used, sea shells from beaches, long abandoned guitar picks, hearted earrings of the past, accessories, some really old photographs, CD collection, and my diaries(two of them).

I flipped through the diaries, they had me argued and tells of something like "do you remember? All these of what you said in the past?" Heck! seriously I don't. I'm usually a guy which tell peoples I cannot sing at all, to this date if you ask me for KTV tomorrow, it'll only be the fourth time I actually went into a kbox. But in the small history book I actually said something like I wanted to be a singer in Hong Kong and my favourite group, Twins?! there's also this day when I bet with a friend said I would get to know them in five years time, and I'm gonna train hard on my, vocal skills?!

Funny thing about the diaries though, of one small part, written starting from last page onwards, was the account of complaints about mama, it's usually the page with the ugliest handwriting ever as I often did them in furious moods, the sentences were something like "I hate YOU YOU YOU, you never let me go OUT OUT OUT to cyber cafe!" or "Why can't I get TV?!" .

I found also this little piece of cut wood from an old abandoned KJ projects back in primary school, remember was I cut mine wrongly and this guy had one extra and gave to me, on top was the ink mark written "handed to Sam by Fai, 4:23pm, Thursday, 1st of July, 1999, Fai's time".

Cut all this, I'm again typing a draft entry, this time I didn't bring back my thumb drive, not even my card reader. I'm thinking of a way to bring the entry out for publishing later, and when you feel weird about the display pict, you know also what's with it, the ugliest and lamest way to bring a draft written entry for publishing. Seldom or I can say I no longer write into my little history book, since then I store my memories(not all though =] ) into a walking diary, yea, a real walking one.

I'm having a sore throat and I totally lost my voice, definitely this served the best way to blurb things out, have a nice day everyone!


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First of all, partly of this entry was pre-written as a draft post, it's half past 5 morning, it's gonna be yet another beautiful Nov 3rd, morning gonna-be, yet each time before the sun rises the long night will usually be one filled with emos.

No more than half an hour since I came back from my DotA game, something to mention though, 5 of us, the band of brothers once again sat a row after some time, not important were the wins and losses, instead were those precious moments came to recall during the process, we used to game pretty much as a team lastime, and some days passed by, each started walking their own paths, the kind of team chemistry which I found no where else and decided since then I would not to play without teammates.

I miss those days being Roulette dealer in the casino, the face of managers turn sour when my table being listed on chart, the top losers list, the customers, the kind of feeling filled their nerves when stakes getting higher, anxious or excitement, whatever you may call. And the beautiful First World Plaza at night, empty with shops closed and it tells of a story, Genting needs rest too, the casino doesn't. It's been a year since then, peoples come and go, yesterday was my last visit and the place no longer feels like home like it once did, what makes a good DotA game? the game concept is ever unchanging, what makes a place? the location too is ever unchanging, what makes them? P-E-O-P-L-E-S.

Info updates: Due to the broadband being cut off at home, My PC currently feels more like a DVD player, I've watched movies, tons of them lately, mostly those of Donnie Yen, I'm talking on MSN with Sara, and she asked to blog about Sara, so part of this blog entry is about Sara, I have not much to tell about Sara, I don't know Sara well, but partly of this entry is still about Sara on Sara's request, so it's nothing but Sara's blog to visit, *giggles* *don't kill me when you see this*.

I need to go, Have a nice day everyone!