Star Hill? KLCC? Avenue K? No fight!

Don't know since when, Kuala Lumpur has been an icon of south east asia, an urban cultural center, KLCC la, Star Hill la, along with Orchard Road, Central Area of S'pore, they "were" the shopping hubs of southeast asia, home of Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Apple...etc etc. Nice la, very nice, but for my own experience, our so called icon of KL Star Hill, The Time Square, ill see theres a few CD shops, ladies shoe shop, hmm, nothing seems to be interesting, I'll prefer Sungai Wang, but however, the atmosphere sucks big time, KLCC will be okay la, great atmosphere, but I often tell to my friends " When you buy those foreign magazines ah, like those japanese or hong kong magainzes, u buy those old old one la, those 2 or 3 years back one, can save money, somemore can ngam ngam suitable to our fashion here what!, here very slow one la, you buy those new magazines, useless one, here also dont have, you can only dream, or wait."Malaysia la, it's still Malaysia, i remember few years back, i brought a Hong Kong sneakers magazine to school and told my friend there's a Nike shoe which is very nice and the colour's attractive, and he said the shoe looks nerdy, and few years after that, and he got one and he wears it quite often. Great atmosphere so what ? Mid Valley is the largest mall in south east asia and so what... sigh, somemore wanna think of international standard wor... Okay la now you see the picture up there, Siam Paragon, a large shopping mall just opened during 9 Dec, in Bangkok, It's really huge and amazing, I wasnt there, haha but the photos i got from some webby just surprised me, there are so many luxury brands which cannot be found in Malaysia, with fantastic huge bookstores and music stores, huge new California WOW fitness center, huge new gourmet grocery store, electronic and high tech stores, lots of restaurants and Cafes, gigantic Oceanarium, huge bowling center, IMAX and movies, even an opera house and event hall, the new Siam Paragon fitting into the newly enlivened and improved Rajadamri Shopping and Entertainment zone will (in my opinion) compete VERY favorably with Singapore, HK, Taipei, not to mention KL~~ anymore la..Sigh Star Hill, walk ways and pedestrian bridge also not enough, like this how to fight??

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