What do the gays and ice cream vendors have in common?

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humans all respond to incentives. Some conventional wisdom tells moral to be the greatest incentive of all, for example, my friend who happens to be an ice cream vendor who works for her boss, helping to operate the ice cream stall and collects money when some by pass customers are to buy ice creams, there I asked "eh, your boss never need you to calculate remaining stocks at the end of the day? why not a penny from here and there and you get your fair amount of "shares" from the profits?" There she said, "No way, I work for my boss and he trusted me for the business, I'll never do such a thing, it's a matter of moral value which concerns."

Conventional wisdom discriminates homosexuals, simply ask one of your friends, or colleagues and say "Hey, why would you not be gay or lesbian?" and they yelled at you said you have just suggested something which is against the law of universe. but what is truly the other side of the story is, the conventional society is to put homosexuals into their greatest discrimination so you think that, the gays don't engage in homosexual activities because they're simply at feared of the society, thus, moral incentive is at play. But the society is getting more and more open these days and homosexuals are being more and more acceptable by the world, some countries even permits homosexuals marriage. So at the end you have a question came to ask, moral incentive being lighter and lighter, which means there will be more and more gays in the world?

So, what is there in common between an ice cream vendor and the gays?

Like said, humans all respond to incentives, like the ice cream vendor, I believe the fair trick behind is not gonna be morality, the ice cream vendor simply do not grab a bite on her boss's profit because the moral incentive is still to be more expensive than money incentive, what for exchanging your moral values for an extra 20 or 30 dollars at the end of the day? But you think, what if she gets an extra of maybe, 1000 dollars at the end of the day if she cheats?

Andrew Francis, a graduate student in economics from the University of Chicago, has tried to affix a dollar figure for the total cost of having unprotected sex once with a random gay(during the peak of AIDS crisis), the figure is $1927.35, versus $ less than 1 with a random woman, so as the society going to be more open and open, moral incentive is to be lighter and lighter, but as said the cost of having engaged homosexually would be higher and higher, so as far as you concerned, how much does moral incentive really cost? for the ice cream vendor and the gays? is moral value the working trick behind the sincerity of the ice cream vendor and is moral value the working trick pulling back the gays from engaging in homosexual activities? We cannot guarantee for a sure that the figure for homosexuals would go up by the future just because conventional moral values are breaking down, because this happens, more and more gays are being engaged in homosexual activities between themselves, the fair chance of getting infected with HIV would be higher and higher, thus the cost for homosexuals are rising too(Price up = fall in demand) , in an economist's point of view, there are always an equilibrium point for everything. as said George Soros, "Economic theory is devoted to the study of equilibrium positions. The concept of equilibrium is very useful. It allows us to focus on the final outcome rather than the process that leads up to it."
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