It's much easier being female bloggers.

The girl was using internet in the room and I was outside watching TV, the show ended, I went in kept bugging wanting to use internet to do some stuffs..

The girl: "Come come and see this girl, her eye lashes are so pretty, she has no eye bag!"(She was reading over some eye-catchy-blinking-blinky-template female blogs)

I said: "Every picture also same person one, what so special?"

The girl: "Aiyah you don't know one la."

That's why I came to a point that being female bloggers are much easier, they write about their boring daily routines, waking up in the morning, applying make ups getting ready for their classes, and randomly ask their buddies around to take pictures with them, examples "Me with who and who, do these 3 young ladies just look gorgeous?" and post them up onto their blogs, or they randomly tells about their make up brands, offers and discounts in shopping malls, the clothes they bought from shopping that particular day, going party in a night club, etc. Some of them even earns a fair income just by posting up their photos onto their blogs, they get free hand phones, free hairdos, free Ipods, PSPs and so on..

But I also came to a point that, these bimbo blogs, as Kenny Sia calls it, normally attracts a lot of readers, not only the guys, but even the girls, as you see The Girl who is also fan of ClapBangKiss, I love browsing through Dawn Yang's blog also, despite she keep telling same old stories of her going to some random night clubs with this who and that who, but the more pictures she post of herself, the better she attracts me to browse over and over again of her blog, ha ha!

That's why I'd say being female bloggers are much easier, just if you don't believe, imagine a guy posting endless counts of self indulgent pictures all over his blog. it's certainly an easy thing to do right?

Of me hoping to attract a much larger readers circle, this is my attempt..


I have a nice ass too ok!

With Julian Chan, do we look alike?

Do I look cute?

I'm so pretty.

I'm so sexy.

This is my pair of sexy legs.

And my gorgeous house mate.

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