RM5'000 price tag for love? Is it rather cheap?

A story of A B & C, B happens to be a girl and is the girl friend of A, C happens to be a person who likes B.

Here goes: ( 3 of them were exchanging SMS, note C's broken language.)

C to B: I work with my father earning RM5k per month and I can buy you everything you want, you do not need to work, working is hard.

A to C: Mind you she doesn't need you to buy things for her okay.

C to A: Hello A yes she need I will get what B want you kena challenge d.

A to C: Yea I don't mind taking a scum bag who couldn't even speak proper English, have some self respect boy, its as profound for u to survive. is your 5k a lot? Bring your little money to hell yea when you die.

C to A: you jealous cause u can't get what she want I wonder B like a boy who talk so lame.

A to C: lol, your naive to think that with money you can buy anything you want, your poor 5k is not even enough to buy LV or Prada eh. laughs. slowly wait yea boy, it's gonna be 2 years and counting.

C to A: Come and see me if you can coward we talk face to face I really like B I will do what ever she want.

A to C: okay, drive yourself to Melati now.

C to A: Come to OUG lah if u can lu place i dun wan go.

A to C: lol? why you say things that you wouldn't do? You keep your balls in the fridge? Drive here now If you want. B is here also, come here and I'll have peoples who talk to you, whether you choose the fist or mouth.

C to A: I will see you in Sunway col I LOVE B.

A kept calling C, he never dare to pick up the phone.

(D which is a good friend of A)

A to D: there's one funny fella who says he's earning a little 5k and he seemed he has a lot and wants to tackle my girl friend, lol.

D to A: 5k so little only? you cannot do anything with 5k la, i can spend his one month salary in a day la, what a little boy who saw money for the first time...
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