How did April Fool came about.

to all, happy fooling around, and get fooled happily too.

actually after all these years, april fool day is to me slowly becoming yet another tedious number on the calendar, million thanks to swamp of utterly noob pranksters trying to act cool on this specified date, failing miserably. most memorable one, a high school story, when a friend actually broke up with her boy during april first, said she walked in the rain, cried even louder when i asked her to stop the prank because its not funny at all, and that's it she hung up the call.

and now my one last interest about this whole foolish day is that how does such a day came about and became so notable throughout the world, that's the last of it which intrigues. i got this from wikipedia.


The origin of April Fools' Day is obscure, none historic proven, but from conventional public belief it is dated back in 4 century bc, when Emperor Leon IV of the French empire, after a brief period of norminal peace with King Augustus of ancient Italian, seizes the border of Italy, thus breaking the paper agreement after a century of mutual harmony. After four years and three months of continuous bloody and gruesome wars which Leon IV still failing to claim the territory under French's ruling, thus lead to his decision to having drafted the best military strategists of his time, the desired outcome was to coax his opponent into believing their withdrawal from the war, from then on start rearranging another war plan. The Italians, unprepared and vastly outnumbered, flanked by both the calvary and footmen of the French army, led to King Augustus's flee from his castle, causing it to be temporary occupied by the French empire for about three decades. Much later the French started marking this day as remembrance of the historic event, by setting up hoaxes to friends, families, relatives, and enemies, it was initially marked at the first of January, but because of it clashes with the new year, it was then changed to the first of April, since then it was much adapted for many cultures and the day is much celebrated throughout the world."

thanks, the entry is all out of boredom of what i feel about this day. but the thing here is that, do i look as if i bother finding out how april fool came about? Theres some grammatical errors in the passage also if only you noticed, consider that a waste of one minute of your life reading this utterly made up story of mine, ha ha ha.
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