The Portrayal.

Sam: Uncle Joe said to go dark for an hour during the 28th!
Sam: Great, but never count me in.
Sam: But why?!
Sam: I don't see that by turning off lights for one hour does any significant help on the environmental crisis.
Sam: But but, I heard many many cities are in!
Sam: Yea of course I know, they're aiming to hit one k.
Sam: But but... I heard its a global movement trying to save the world!
Sam: Consider it a cheap and efficient global movement for organizations to yield profits, you see, if you happen to know economics, human live and die for incentives. Its also a cheap way for corporates to gain social approval.
Sam: But but, what's wrong going dark for an hour?!

the exclamation marks serve mainly to magnify the naivete substance, fullstops for the exact opposite. there are two Sams here, both lived inseparable yet they have not been in peace for exactly twenty one years, they fought for countless times to gain approval from their master over certain decision making, the latter, portrays the perfect antagonist in any given circumstances and he stand out to win most of the time because of his potful of wits enabling him to see through the master's heart like a laser detector, but the price to pay was when he think too much he'll turn into a restless fiend, trapped in it cold and long night, haunted so much by the current that there's none that excites beside seeing the twilight again. on the contrary, the one on the other extreme knows only black or white, missing the grey as interval in between, ignorant but blissful, he doesn't think much, and gets happy on the smallest thing possible.

so what's the conclusion? He won for the first time after a long losing streak. the master chose to be ignorant for this time and that one hour I would say its an hour well spent in prayers in hoping for a better world, let aside the corporate profits from the event. those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated, for these there's hope, how great a phrase Mr Oscar Wilde.

"lbnn6 fhfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffhhhhh" my kitten did this.
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