Goodbye Mr Sweet Tooth.

It reached a stage of severe addiction to sweet stuff until i can finish a pack of ten candies under 15 minutes, but recently i just feel so grossed with anything sweet, all thanks to the f*cking mamak downstairs and i dont even dare to order any flavoured drinks from them anymore, not even milo, they're just trying to kill me with sugars, plain water will do from now on, thank you.

There are times in life when I just don't feel synchronized with me myself, why would I suddenly lost the crave for candies, or why would I, for the past few days, don't even bother pickin up the guitar, I feel pressured, f*ck you all, playing guitar is a passion, it's not my f*cking job, do you know that when you think that I was so screwed when I cannot even sustain a note during the soundcheck, it's because you morons f*cked me up, and when the show is done and it's considered not bad, it's because I was wasted before getting up to that stage, I don't feel nice playing with you all, and this week's considered a good time for me, no sessions, something like when your final's over.

And somebody told me today that one of my secondary school friends had passed away, together with the girl friend, in an accident. I was stunned, really stunned, at a moment, had that guy to reconfirm the name a few times.

Leave your footprints here with us, that impact all things the past, present, and the future, so if we live on for another day we shall all remember your name, and you're free at last, rest in peace bro.
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