On Capitalism.

"The problem is that the dynamic that defines capitalism, that of unforgiving market competition, clashes with the human desire for stability and certainty."

-Alan Greenspan-

regarding the internet, i grew up being a devotee to a lot of Yahoo technologies, be it the mail hosting, the news, flickr, and a lot of monotonous nights you see me either in pool, or chess, yes they're hosted by yahoo. the perfect example of young entrepreneurs started from scratch, from zero to hero, in the shortest amount of time possible, that's the power of capitalism, but the downside is that even when you're at the top, there's no such thing for you to be called "up, stable and running." everyday your competitors are out to squash you and put you out of business, whether you're the boss of a burger stall, or you're Jerry Yang or Larry Page, yes, that's the downside of being in the world of capitalism, you're wary of your mortality. the recent years took over of the title of being crowned as the king of internet business, from yahoo to google, shows just that. thats what the world teaches you.

but i'm talking about a lesson regarding to capitalism in a typical economic class. unsurprisingly all would nail on the depredations of increased global trades, the exploitations of labor, the income inequality, instability of growth and businesses being doomed unethical. unless you're in america, or this particular economic mode would be less embraced.

someone shoot me an essay question few weeks ago pinpointing at the effects multinational cooperation have towards the local sector. its about the the economies of scales they're having, so to say, trashes the local sector's ability to compete. but here the problem is that, capitalism, despites the flourish of rewards, creates anxiety deep in us. if i happen to run a hamburger stall one day, i would hope that the next wannabe hamburger entrepreneur does it at least fifty miles away from me. but on the other hand, because i am the king of hamburger business in town, i have total monopolistic power over the consumers, too bad for hamburger fiends, i can charge highly a price i wan, its either you buy it or you leave it.

but what happen next is that in the world of capitalism, its not hard for competitors to enter and compete, if they're having a larger sum of capital, they open their stalls right beside mine, they're richer to afford two, or even three, frying pans so they could produce faster, compared to mine, of just one. and the larger sums enable them to price slash the burger from three bucks to just one. so what can i do next is i need to improve, on the quality of service, and chart out a better hamburger business plan. so to say i'm not very happy of all these incidents, but at the end, the hamburger owners and the consumers got better off. this is the dynamic that pushes capitalism. its an ambivalence love-hate relationship of being an all out businessman and a coward who subliminally prefers less competitions.

"what is the market? it is the law of the jungle, the law of nature, and what is civilization? it is the struggle against nature." says the french. the best example of a culture not buying the idea of capitalism, for civilization is still their main agenda. but the argument here is that, human nature clashes with civilization. it is a false imprint reality on the mind that they have forgotten the main objective of life is about survival, if one day we're gonna have a clash of civilization, you'll see that the most civilized peoples plot out murders just to bring bread to their families, they will kill and eat up human flesh when there's no food. it is the nature, and it is the platform that capitalism operates on.
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