Crazy Train part II (after so long)

No I was not carried too far away, instead, it crashed.

To understand the above statement you need to know me well enough, if not. don't ask. I guess the aftermath still hit hard as hell to affected parties. To the one who stirred this, I kept my silence, but doesnt mean that I don't know who you are, and I'm saying this with my head held high, beware.

About the gig last week, at somewhere Old Klang Road, not a very bad one, but neither a very good one, there's room for improvement, and two more days there's another show in Hartamas. Six songs in the list, three down three more to go and I havent even figure out the riff.

About economics, where find consumers when everybodys income is shrinking? How business survive and pay employess better when theres no consumers? to our Garblement, please play your role, stop fighting lah cheee bais.

Who inspired me to write again? quaintlyDotNet.
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