The Fourth Year.

This blog was started back when I was seventeen, a time when I think that I should start a blog, because most of the peoples that i looked up to that time have one, also a time when having a blog feels like the coolest thing on earth for staying at the forefront of the internet revolution, all these before i realize how many of my age actually started writing earlier than me.

Most of whom I considered the local heroes left Ipoh by that time I started writing, the further ones went to Aussie, the even further ones Europe, the nearer ones KL, and to me a blog that time means tool for peoples to stay in touch. I remember I often quietly sneaked into them just to embrace myself with dreams hoping to leave this particular small town as soon as possible, I envied those who experienced the snow, the autumn leaves, avenues as long as you can imagine, flanked with huge trees of golden colours; densely populated commercial districts, high streets, rapid transits, skyscrapers engineered to the highest construction standard, and the skylines, yea the skylines. I was that kid, who thought that nobody would even bother to read my blog, I felt as if I don't have a niche to blog about, I was only a school kid in uniform after all.

As of this point, I flipped back through my earlier entries, read and compared them to the recent ones as if there were the writings of two utterly different persons, throughout this four years of writings Im still trying to improve on my muse, but I usually dont bother about the typo errors, and will leave them after a one time spell checking, I don't guarantee I write the best articles, I don't feel that my niche of writings attracts audience also, because no one bothers reading all these gibberishes, but I write with a heart, doesnt matter the audience, its like hearing yourself from an answering machine and realize you actually sounded like that.

It's the fourth year and going, on and off and I'm still writing, no longer in the small town of Ipoh, being hectic and its like suddenly I don't realize that I'm away from home for so long. And recently I stumbled upon an Ipoh blog, everything about the blog goes around the happenings of the small town, the feeling is like walking back into the secondary school during a sunday, seeing every thing in a monochrome coloured feel, and suddenly wondered how much I've missed the quieter, soul soothing side of life already, and when I thought of how much I once embraced the city skyline and the transits, I find that I'm sleeping through most of the train rides already.
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