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often times I feel like a vaudevillian in my own dreams, in them commanding a certain level of idiosyncrasy in the most improvisational form possible, its like starring in very much a high rated film without needing a script, that it catches you in circumstances beyond your most sublime creativity ever, and you don't bear the pain of traveling between filming locations, you swiftly blinks through them. but the downside is that the moment being transported back to the current you loses most, if not thoroughly the memories in paradise, and i wonder if heaven is as beautiful like that. I opened my eyes, and the first thing i did to save the important screenplays as close as what I could get in description of words to the typepad in mobile phone, "looked down from the cliff I saw a river of multiple splitoffs, all flowing in opposite direction with their respective conjunctions, water bright blue. I rode a bike in pursuit of a criminal, all vehicles levitate on water." wtf, I'm feeling estranged to these words, I can't even recall the fantasy a few days after.

I used to have a lot of difficulties standing infront of a theatre's ticket booth or in the bookshop, considering them the worst place ever for me to make up my mind for a decision, and strikes me even harder to be in these two places when I'm in a hurry, but just recently I think I've found the match to those two cravings, chick flicks, ha ha, and classics for the latter. last watched Confessions Of A Shopaholic, added to the shelf The Return Of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle, The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, as of this writing, I'm on the last chapter of Sherlock Holmes detective story, brilliant.

sometimes I just don't understand how could people react with such cynical expression towards things set deliberately for a good cause. the point is not to calculate that how much of electricity we can save in that particular hour, but merely to create awareness regarding to environmental issues, and secondly to remind us of mankind's divine relation with the earth. All in all, it deserves advocacy.

I happened to recover some of my lost files in a very old hardisk, most of which are pictures, mixed with some of which I consider photography works most to my liking.

There's something more than just the radiance in this picture.

Picture 468
A picture of my hair cosmetics lastime, not to say I'm proud of it, lol.

Picture 290
Morning after a wasted night at the children's playground.

Picture 087
I purposely woke up at 4 o'clock, climbed up the hill just so to get this on time.

Last day in high school.

Where are you now already?

Cactus last the longest in this picture.

Starfucks anyone?

I hope you're with a much better hand now.

Eternal flame.

It was long, trust me it's even longer now.

Picture 278

Picture 250
It's just like life, just that on a much faster pace.
Ho can you relate cue, cards and beers? rock n' roll.
I consider this my best photography work to date.

Lol. who stole my cheese?
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