Playing For Time.

My playlist clings closely to my emotions, and exquisitely alters them. for the time being im browsing through the playlist, carefully selecting, and narrowed down the genres, no heavy sounds tonight, song playing at the moment, guns n' roses - madagascar. I held the guitar, tried laying down a note for note mimicry, i was consumed.

im on a new medicine, the Nasonex, a type of glucocorticoid steroid, i have no idea what, i got the term from the web. up for the sinus prevention, down for the side effects, the sleep deprivation, the increased and inconsistent heart-beat, the chest pain. the recent wrath-like me is the outcome of just that.

a conversation the other day, a pinprick, the guy was boasting about his college mate, of his different fields of knowledges. I applauded and kept the cynic to myself being him an easily offended guy. by the way, does he know to differentiate between perception and knowledge? even if he does, the view about politics is certainly perception rather than knowledge, and perceptions are all bias. when we take infos in and we consider them knowledges, the outcome is a sad world that being a large part of who we are isnt very individual at all.

watched shinjuku incident, considering a derek yee film ill watch regardless of the star lineups, the title, the plot. i grow up treating them the holy grail of canto films, known for its relevance to life, no bullet dodging fantasies, and they make you understand the unexplored side of mankind, the desolation, the gloomy emotions of profound life experience, its the highest standard of human ingenuity hardly surpassed. back to the show, i love fan bing bing!

regarding the latest entry of this specific blog which the author named it "that green piece of shit" in utterly amused and fucking kiddo like roflmao manner, inconsistent out tempo claps are given to the narrator who wrote the most funny shit i read throughout the night. and mahfuck, i really do start to believe in time dilation already,i need to sleep now already.(the bracket and vulgarity contained in the last paragraph is of failed attempt trying to imitate the original's exquisite writing style)
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