Of conventional thinking.

Each time before I hit on the publish button, an auto spell check will be done, usual spelling mistakes, were tons to be found, and then there were corrections, one by one. I've just realized how profound this simple tool is for one who always fail to type properly, however during exams, usually writing papers, spell checks are to be done in plain eye sights and have always eaten up quite an amount of time. And lecturers now are more likely to conduct teachings based on exam questions. I suppose these are examples of a globally failing education system we're having. Strive hard for good grades and serve a good and secure job then after, something like that.

I've wrote about conventional thinking in one of my previous entries, "Everything that can be invented has been invented", it is of this flat world, as Thomas Friedman calls it, that informations are of one click's reach. So what if one day we could bring about all informations we need, following us everywhere we go? And accounting can be done with softwares, despite accounting softwares already existed since quite some years ago. And we could have programmable robots which solves all our daily problems, does all paper works and give us advices based on their predicted outcomes. By then do we still need advisers and secretaries? So if you think accountants would lose out on their jobs, yes, some of them will, but not all, those who realize new opportunities will move on and carry forward. Have a nice day!

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