I'm losing touch with keyboards, no longer get to use comps in KL, yet home was cut off from internet, having not paid the streamyx bill for twos months or three. And the cafe I'm currently typing has a slow narrowband-like connection, and I could not sign in to MSN.

Much a hermit this few days at home, Michael Crichton's "Next", from morning til noon, evening til before I sleep, snacks within arm's reach, and indulge in the very interesting moment the fiction has to bring, or randomly turn on to certain chapter on The 4-Hour Workweek.

I talked, to many, mostly about life and choices we made, I have a friend, who understands well all these, straight As from SPM to STPM and eventually got a scholarship from UM and graduated, and teaches maths in TARC, still looking for way out he said, and never want to stay in the school and teaches until white-hair grows. Some says, STUDY hard and get a goodjob with a nice pay.

However, I'd like to do things the other way, I'll go against the crowd, for those who influences you, who tells you what you're doing would not work, eventually nine out of ten didn't or wouldn't taste the fruit of success, I concluded my eye to be more trustable than my ears.
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