Something of the last decade.

Woke up with tons of miss calls for a few consecutive mornings, the first day when one of them called and I said "Meet you at school, I'm coming in fifteen mins time", forced myself up the bed, went out the living room, there the seductive sofa did some magic trick and sucked me there, sticked to it, eyes closed, another two hours gone, today too woke up by a few calls from different peoples, and decided to meet them at some cyber cafe behind my apartment, I'm worst in first-person shooters, ended up being as food to the classmates, even a small kid who sit beside, a foreigner, he laughed at me, be lar di hel...

Gu Wak Zhai, the Young & Dangerous series, something of the last century, watched again and again at Ipoh, and I have all their soundtracks now, about ten years back that was how Ekin Cheng shot star dome because of the series and the portrayal as Chan Hou Nam, the Hong Kong local gang leader, back then that was also the time when momma would switch of the TV because of the violent substances, is that kind of conservative thinking, which they think a kid ten years plus of age should play Lego instead, in fact a rather contrary to the thinking, what I observed in the series was how the underground authorities ruled the place before 97 and how they survive after. 刀光剑影(violent) was the thing of the past, ruled Hong Kong for decades, soon after their reunion with mainland China, it was the new authority which came to work, money instead. 社团要低调, 赚钱要高调(Low profile the gangs, high profile in earning money), the boss of Hung Hing said that on his yacht with his cigar in hand, and Chan Hou Nam no longer an Ah Beng with fancy shirts and boot cut jeans, but one who would be on formal suit wherever he goes. Something of why I like the series much, classic and the godfather in its own genre, compared to those undercover-vs-gang-leaders of now.
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