Blogger unclothed meme.

This is a crazy meme started by bengbeng and Wannabe Economist.

Basically it is to generate goodwill and foster a closer relationship between bloggers, build traffic and generate links. I was tagged by XXX.

How to do the meme:

Post pics and write a short description of what you were wearing and accessories you had with you at 1200 noon or 12 midnight today or yesterday.

Tag 5 people and go to their blogs and let them know that they have been tagged. Have fun!


This is the shirt I wore today, the girl forced me to =/

My always same pair of shoe.

My hair cosmetics.

And my Santa Barbara wrist watch.

Bum equipment, you know what it is. =P

My boxer, it glows in the dark, ha!

And, the old man and his 4 sons. =P Have a nice day!

I tag: Narrowband, Keeyit, MonkeyWong, Darren, Liz.

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