Back to KL.

First there were peaceful nights in Ipoh, and then after were lack of it, not a bad thing though, I love doing those things in Ipoh which time in KL doesn't allow me to. There were countless games of DotA, endless talks of nonsense, loads of ha-has, beansprout chicken and coffees, not the ones from Starbucks, but Oldtown kopitiam instead. The whole scenario is like a Hotel California, "you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave". Yea true the heart is still there.

First thing came to mind were the DotA games at Ipoh, I've played the game in a lot of places, with different peoples for a few years, I still finds nothing beats hometown gaming, it's not just a game, it's like a mirror reflecting your attitude instead, those who make good teammates of you are those who understands you the most, trust me, it really is.

Sam came staying in my house for a few days, we talked, mostly nonsense, he has no interest in any future undertakings, said he wouldn't regret as long as he spend days all quiet and calm, and not knowing whether he will still be alive for the next 10 years. "So what if the unlucky you cannot die and live until your 80s?" he kept quiet.

Few months back I met a high school friend, he's now in KL, changed a lot and is no longer the quiet prefect I knew back in the past. During the high school days, I was this anti-hero tough guy, in other words, samseng in school, he was a nerd in fair skin. Well, things had turned the other way round, I met him in the bus, I was holding my book, and he talked, I listened. "I've never go back to Ipoh since I graduated from high school, Ipoh has nothing, nothing means Ipoh is boring, and boredom is killing."

For a moment I think to myself, "How could that be?"

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