Midnight grumbles: Of numbers, Xiaxue and Steven Lim.

Anyone who knows me knows this, I'm bad at numbers, realized the total disadvantages of not having a mathematically set up brain, I've succumbed to chewxy's cipher, seriously I know nothing about binary codes, and a friend who introduced me to this Bursapursuit thingy, which I saw nothing else but a bunch of numbers getting together in red, green and yellow colour.

MIR2 was rather busy at evening, I didn't hooked up in the jam, instead was up at my balcony watching, it's a rather nice view, there were loads of honking also, which doesn't seem to irritate when hearing from quite far a distance. Watched an interview on YouTube after that, both bloggers, being Xiaxue and Steven Lim, gave explainations about the recent feud between the two which heated up the S'pore blogosphere. My comments: click on Steven Lim's link up there and have a look, and the expression on your face is gonna be same as mine after you've seen the site. *grins*. Whether their feuds are of stepping stones of publicity to them, I get good laugh as a spectator siding none. p/s here's the video of the interview, part I and part II. And a dine between the two, hilarious.

I'm running out of words, and my midnight coffee is readily available within arm's reach. Have a nice day everyone!
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